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Music October 30, 2018

Hackney born and bred, 18 year old Millie Turner swapped her art career to be a singer and songwriter instead. We had a lovely chat with her, see what she had to say to us.

How long have you been writing your own music?

I’ve been writing my own music in the studio for nearly 2 years. So in some sense it’s very new, I never thought I could sing even though I loved doing it, and it definitely wasn’t something I’d share with many people. But I remember when I was younger I’d compose songs all the time on the piano with my sisters, and we’d make music together. We were really good at improvising from each other’s ideas, but it was a really personal thing for us and not something we’d ever consider sharing. I did a lot of stuff on GarageBand as well, using the sampled tracks. I remember my dad saying I should record my own piano, but I thought it was a stupid idea, never thinking I was actually good enough.


What’s your song writing process like?

It varies depending on the song, but it usually starts with experimenting with different chords, melodies and seeing what feels good in that moment. I never think to myself, “I have to write a song” or follow a set structure of making a song, it comes much more naturally through singing whatever is in my head without overthinking. I’ve found that my favourite songs are usually the quickest to make because it comes so naturally. People tend to overthink what they do which means they end up getting frustrated…


Have you worked with anyone towards any future projects?

I’ve only ever worked with David Turley, my producer, which has been great when it comes to defining my own style and experimenting with sounds, but I’m looking forward to working with and learning more from other artists.



What was the story behind ‘she was a dancer’, the music video is also stunning, was it inspired through contemporary dance?

She was a dancer is about feeling empowered in your body, through creativity and dance. I was inspired by this YouTube video where this  girl started to randomly dance to this busker in Italy. It really moved me, in how she was able to channel so much power and confidence into  her dance. The power of the body is constantly being undermined, and for me this song celebrates how important and incredible it is.

Creating the video was amazing as well, for someone who’s never properly considered herself a dancer I felt so  working with an experienced professional.

The video ties into that so well as well


You grew up in a creative household both your parents were artists, what made you fall on the path of being a musician, what attracted you to the music scene?

My household was very creative, and although my parents aren’t in any way musical they did encourage it between me and my sisters. Throughout my whole childhood we would always be making things. My parents were believers in creativity and would encourage us to be fearless in whatever we create. We’d make films, write stories, do a lot of art, everything which is has made me felt very at home with the music scene. I’ve loved meeting so many people who are as passionate for making things as I am!



Who did you grow up listening to that inspired you to be the artist you are today?

Thinking back I used to listen to a lot female artists such as Paloma Faith, Florence and the Machine, Susan Vega, Beyoncé, although I don’t listen to them now, they were definitely role models for me from a young age.


Anything exciting for us to look forward to in the future from you?

I have so many tracks yet to be released which I’ve been working on for the last 2 years. I’ve loved exploring so many different styles of music, which is going to be amazing to share.


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