by Lorna May


Music November 3, 2018

Performing at electric Brixton Sigma, delivered an hour and a half long set of deep beats, perfectly mixed tracks and resonating vocals. With supporting acts including Jaded, Jack Francis, Lucas Maverick and James Hype, at the sold-out event Road To Top 100 DJ’s.

With a build up of heavy rhythms vibrating through the venue from the supporting artists, Strobe lights bouncing from wall to wall and bars on every floor the atmosphere of the venue electrified as Sigma hit the stage. With sigma’s set delivering a perfect mixture between EDM and Drum and Bass the artists tracks filled the venue.

From 10pm to 4pm, the crowd bouncing around the venue created an atmosphere of pure energy, with an exhilarating performance and a display of pure talent playing a remix of their latest song ‘Anywhere’ Sigma sent the crowd, spread across two floors, into a chant along with the track, mosh pits opening up in the pit beneath the stage and drinks flying in all directions.

Leaving the crowd in awe after the performance, James Hype took to the stage for the final hour of the event providing one last hour of heavy beats and remixed tracks to satisfy the remaining crowd.


Lorna May | WRITER

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