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by Megan Wallace


Art & Culture November 5, 2018

Freshly signed to Warp Records, Ragz Originale is your new favourite recording artist. Known in the music industry for his stellar skills as a producer, he’s worked on projects with Dej Loaf and Giggs, as well as producing genre-defining Skepta track “Shutdown”. He’s also the head of London collective Mini Kingz, which includes Oscar #Worldpeace and Cartae.

Moving forward, he’s been working on his music career, honing an experimental style fed by inspirations like James Blake and Flying Lotus. His solo efforts have culminated in debut album Nature, which was released on 12th October. The energy of the album focuses around women, and the artist himself says that; “The record tells a story from my conscience, based on experiences we go through with women. They are the backbones in our lives; whether it’s your mother or your soulmate.”

We were lucky enough to sit down with the multi-talented musician to discuss his eclectic musical influences, “Shutdown’s” enduring influence, and why his music videos are “more than your average car, chains and vixen scripts”.

How did you first become involved in music?

Growing up my family filled my ears with so many styles of music. My dad played a Jazz style bass guitar, mother played a lot of country and gospel music & my sister introduced me to ’80s and ’90s RnB. When I was 11, a family friend/artist by the name of ‘Double S’ introduced me to a production software called ‘FL Studio’, and the rest was history !

Who would say are your primary musical influences?

Like many other musicians, my influences change every day. Throughout the Nature process I listened to a lot of Toro Y Moi, Flying Lotus, Tame Impala and Wayne Wonder.

How would you describe your musical style?

I create music for forward-thinkers, definitely a cross between alternative RnB & Hip Hop.  To be honest, I don’t know how to describe my music; I’d rather let the people describe it on my behalf. But I stand by “forward-thinking”!

You’re an accomplished producer, and the man behind Skepta’s timeless classic “Shutdown”. How do you think “Shutdown” has affected music in the UK?

“Shutdown” definitely marks a culture shifting era.. For the first time it felt like the UK were finally ready to adore their own, just as much as they adored artists from across the water… We finally had the world watching us… The right way !

You recently released your debut album Nature. You have said that the record deals with your experiences with women, would you care to talk more about that?

Women rule the world. Every great tale has a love interest, or a leading woman. Nature touches on all my relationships with women, whether it’s friends, family or lovers. The album is narrated from my perspective as a man, to the soul of women!

You also produced this album yourself – what was this process like?

It’s a very therapeutic process more than anything, but quite stressful at the same time.. I’m always looking for ways to push myself and hits don’t come everyday.. I prefer it to producing for other people though, that I certainly don’t miss…

You dropped the videos for “Disaronno Straight” and “She Said Run” recently – would you care to talk about the story built in to those videos?

The video is a dark love story inspired by the classic “Natural Born Killers” film. In the video we are twisted lovers on the run, after committing a murder. I feel it’s important to give viewers more than your average car, chains and vixen scripts. That stuff is tired now…

What have you got in the pipeline for the rest of 2018?

Merchandise, more videos, more shows and most importantly more NATURE !

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Nature is out now. Stream it here.

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