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Music November 7, 2018

Nottingham-based singer songwriter ROB.GREEN has drawn upon the varied genres of music he grew up with – including soul, RnB, indie and rock, to inform his own distinctive sound and style.

His latest EP – ROB.GREEN EP debuted in the Top 40 of iTunes Album Chart in it’s first week (and #3 in iTunes RnB Chart).   He has won international critical acclaim for the innovative, continuous shot music video for Blue – the EP’s debut single.

2018 has been a busy year for Green, with the musician announcing he would be supporting Legendary pop/soul group EARTH WIND & FIRE on their UK Arena Tour, and later joining them for a bonus date in Paris. Rob announced work on his debut album at the end of the EWF tour, with the hotly-anticipated project tipped for release in 2019.

What’s Nottingham’s music scene like?

I think Nottingham is the most diverse music scene outside of London. Hands down. And easily the most cohesive scene. Artists across genres being aware of each other and supporting each other is virtually unheard of anywhere else. Yet here in Notts its commonplace. Festivals like Hockley Hustle play a vital role in that integration.

You recently played a set at Nottingham’s Hockley Hustle – what are your thoughts on the music festival?

I love Hockley Hustle, it is one of my favourite festivals. The vibe of it and the diversity of the music on offer coupled with the fact it is in my hometown is just awesome! It has a special place in my heart because of the sheer volume and spectrum of the music it hosts. But also I use it as a place to try out new material. I havenʼt done a headline show in Notts for a while now so HH is a great place to pick up the Notts vibe of new tracks.

What was it like playing at Hockley Hustle after playing extensively away from Nottingham?

I was very nervous about my first set, I was trying out some new material I hope will be on my first album. Every year I am always blown away by how many people come to see my set. And bring such a lovely and wonderful vibe. This the turnout was incredible and the support made me feel at home immediately! Love Notts.

The second set with UFO was incredible. So much fun to do, and to get to perform at the new, beautiful sounding, metronome venue was the cherry on the cake. Such a wonderful night and a some incredibly moving performances. Every year I try and see as many as I can and then end up not having time to see half of the people I planned to! I love all of the street stuff, the dancing and caught a few acts. Thereʼs just so much to fit in!

You’ve had a really busy 2018, what have you got in store for the final months of the year?

“I am in the middle of writing (what will be) my debut album. I am taking my time but aiming to get it out there next year. I have some very exciting dates and upcoming gigs that are hopefully going to be confirmed soon; but 2019 is already shaping up to be a very busy year.



Photography and interview by Charlie Coleman

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