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by Rojan


Music November 9, 2018

South London born and bred singer-songwriter, Lily McKenzie has done so much this year and is doing still more. We were excited to catch up with her over sushi to speak about her song-writing process and who she’s collaborating with musically.

When did you start your journey on becoming a singer- songwriter , when did you decide that this was going to be your full time career?

I started when I was really little writing poetry and making up songs on the piano. And then when I was a teenager that’s when I started taking it a bit more seriously singing grime music and then UK funky, R&B and Garage. Over the last couple of years I’ve taken all of those influences and kind of formulated them- doing my own stuff so I think over the past few years is when I’ve really started to take it seriously and make it my full time career.

Can you talk us through your song-writing process?

So I usually prefer writing with other people, like collaborating and vibing out ideas with people. I like to work with producers and start something from scratch, usually we get some chords together and start coming with different melodies till we find something that everyone likes- and then from there I’ll start writing lyrics, normally about personal experiences that I’m going through at the time.

Who would you say has musically influenced you over the years?

I’m heavily influenced by 90s and early 00s R&B like Aaliyah, Nivea and Monica but then I’m also influenced by the UK scene, like Garage, UK Funky, Grime and Afro Beats.

Are you collaborating with anyone at the moment, if so who?

I’m always collaborating with new people, at the moment I’m collaborating with Team Salut, JRocs, Steve Manovski and a few other producers for my up coming EP.

You have a song called  “On me” featuring 23 unofficial, how did that come about?

Well I actually wrote the song with a production duo called 2faded. I met Rene, one of the guys when I was working on the Crazy Cousinz record ‘No Way’ which also featured Yxng Bane and and Mr Eazi. Rene was working with Yxng Bane so met him through that. After writing ‘On Me’ we took it to 23 unofficial and we just thought he sounded really great on it so we just went with it from there really!

What’s one piece of clothing or item you can’t live without, what makes it to your everyday wear?

It would probably be my Air Max 90s, I’ve got a few different pairs, I love them because they’re so comfortable and I feel like they’re back in now – so I can kind of get way with wearing trainers with everything,  also I like to dance a lot when I’m out, so it’s a lot easier for me!

What’s one thing you live by, a motto that means something to you?

Trusting in your journey and that everything happens for a reason, I feel like we put so much pressure on ourselves like that we didn’t do the right thing or we didn’t do as much as we could but I think if you believe in everything happens for a reason then any decision that you make is the right one.

Can we expect anything from you in the future, an upcoming album?

Yeah, I’ve got lots of new music coming out! I cant give out specific details but there will be more music before Christmas this side of the year, I’m working on a lot of new stuff which I’m really excited about.

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