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by Karolina Kramplova


Music November 29, 2018

The only thing standing in the way of your dreams is you. Not to sound like a motivational speaker, but letting go of self-doubt thoughts of any kind will get you further than you think. Sophie Simmons is a perfect example of following her true passion despite her insecurities. As a 26-year old singer/songwriter, Sophie releases her latest single “If I Could.” This indie-pop lovesick ballad showcases Sophie’s soft vocals and emotional lyrics. Sophie is no newbie in the music charts, so she elaborates on her journey until now, parents, songwriting, patience and fixing the past.

Growing up surrounded by a musical environment, it is no surprise, Sophie as a 4-year-old wrote her first song titled “I Love To Jump Rope.” Being aware of how incredible of an accomplishment this is for a child, Sophie shares more: “I remember just being so excited that I could put it all together on piano. I also had a speech impediment when I was younger. When I sang you couldn’t really hear it. So it felt like a very comfortable thing for me to do at that age”.

Setting the context straight, Sophie’s parents are both from the entertainment industry. Her father is Gene Simmons, one of the lead singers of KISS and her mother is Shannon Tweed, a model, and actress. Sophie revised career paths including computer science. Though the talent found its way out after doubtful years: “I actually avoided this career for many years. Even though I loved music and songwriting, I felt like I could do anything except for what I really wanted to do. And as I got older, I let go of that insecurity and just went for it. Life is too short to let that stop me from doing what I love to do”, Sophie reveals it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows.

Sometimes it’s the concepts; sometimes the song comes to me all at once,” Sophie talks songwriting and how she gets inspired, “I would say 90% of my lyrics are inspired by my life. Certainly, the songs I write for myself are based on things that happened pretty recently in my life. The songs I wrote for other people are a little bit more left up to my imagination”, she adds details to how her work is born.

The young adult she is, Sophie carries a very self-aware character wanting to inspire people for the better, as she declares herself: “I love to share experiences with people. If my songs can positively impact someone I’ve never met, I think that’s a really strong power to have and I think I really thrive off of that connection”.

She has her values and morals straight. She wants to inspire and positively impact people with her music. The question is ‘what is Sophie’s voice and tone in music?’. There she goes. Sophie gives the ultimate answer. It’s simple it’s just who she is: “I would say it’s in my own voice. It is hard to describe. It’s like when people say “tell me about yourself“ and your mind goes blank. It’s just who I am and that’s hard to put into words”.

She used her Sophie magic for multiple songs featuring big names of dance music. Her collaboration with the Dutch DJ duo Yellow Claw from Amsterdam scored two hit songs “Home” in March 2017 and “Cry Wolf” with DOLF in April 2018. Sophie speaks on her venturing out in dance music: “All the songs are so personal to me. It’s really fun and challenging to integrate what I do into different genres of music. It keeps it fresh and exciting. Especially when I connect deeply with the other artists, as that’s where magic is made”.

This year so far, Sophie released not just one, but five singles, one of them being a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.” After a significant amount of work put in, Sophie expects quick results. Despite Sophie’s restlessness, she knows her voice will find an audience: “I get very impatient with myself as an artist. I expect massive results right away. But I think we’re conditioned to expect that you either have massive success or nothing. In actuality one of my singles will hit 3-million listens before the year is out and for the first year of being a new artist that’s huge. I just have to be patient and know that my voice will find its audience. For me, being able to write music for a living is already a win”, she states humbly.

Black Mirror” is one of this year’s results of Sophie’s hustle. Taken inspiration from the sci-fi anthology series concerning the title, the song “Black Mirror” is more than that: “This song is about our relationship with technology and how we value that more than relationships we have with people. The TV show definitely inspired the title but my life inspired the song, as with most of my work”, Sophie clears it out.

I worked with the amazing director James Kimball Henderson on the music video. He really understood my vision and had heard the song from the very beginning demo stages. The music video explains that moment when you’re home by yourself, staring at your phone, and waiting for that validation of it lighting up. I think that’s something that my generation really identifies with”, she teases the music video that you can watch below.

One of the more recent creation that has come out of Sophie’s world is “If I Could.” A song that showcases Sophie’s vocals like nothing before. As well as the lyrics, the message itself is sincere and raw. Sophie unveils: “If I Could” is a very intimate song. I wanted the vocals to reflect that, with a pretty bare production to match. It’s almost an apology song to someone, and I think they know who they are. A lot of my songs coming out this year are about that person. It’s about all the things we could go back and fix if we could start over. Hindsight is always 20/20”. This somewhat of an apology letter is now available in a visual form directed by Patrick Keohane.


A bright future is in store for Sophie Simmons. Her indie-pop sound with romantic melodies will be a soundtrack to many lives. For now, Sophie is planning to release more singles. But next year only Sophie knows what to expect: “I’m sticking to more singles over the next couple of months and for the beginning of 2019. An EP would be really fun to work on, but I would want it to have a cohesive message. Right now, I have a lot of messages that are self-sustainable as a body of work within my singles. But, you never know”.


Photography – Rowan Daly
Styling – Marco Rodriguez
Hair and Makeup – Crystal Liz
Interview – Karolina Kramplova

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