The Mukbang eating show | Photo Series

by Noctis Online


Art & Culture December 4, 2018

The Mukbang eating show is a sensory feast for the viewers: for those who don’t know what it is, it’s an internet craze which originated from East Asia. Stemming from the initial aim to aid lonely people who eat alone in a society that traditionally pride themselves on eating together.It showcases people eating food in-front of a camera, either live streamed or prerecorded. The eaters, known as ‘host’ can benefit from sponsorships and actual currency.It initially started from the hosts introducing themselves and talking about their day or whatever is currently on their mind, resulting in this virtual conversation between the host and the viewers, imitating what you would experience if you were to have dinner with someone in real life now however the hosts eat along to exaggerated eating noise and conversation is sparse. It is uncomfortably grotesque and yet undeniably tempting. Making it one of the weirdest trends of this modern generation.

However like most trends, it has been transformed into something of a commodity. It has been commercialised and considered tacky, straying away from the wholesome pre-intention it once had. Now most people use it as a platform to showcase how much they could eat per sitting, over consuming and trending over indulgence, not to mention being exploited by corporate food chains, who puppet them. No longer is it about having an eating companion for the lonely heart.

This series presents a variety of people, all different, eating under the same backdrop and theme.

It is a combination of fashion and art. Seen as sexualised and tempting. Consider it a artistic-overfashioned food porn. How you would imagine capitalising Mukbang to look like, Including a cast of the fabulous youths of London.

Creative director: Fon Watkins

Photographer: Melony Lehmann

Wardrobe: Fa Watkins

Models: (in order of appearance) Molly Mccormick, Jinan Golley, Devounte Williams, Vanessa Ohenlen, Julia Mackay, Char Ellese, Courtney Butley, Payu von Bueren, Santiago Mcgorty

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