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by Karolina Kramplova


Art & CultureMusic December 5, 2018

Catching Flies studio sessions are one-person sittings. Thanks to director duo Saul and Josh, the curtain has been lifted with a short film about the music and the man behind Catching Flies himself. The quality of Catching Flies music is not solely bound to a studio – his DJ set has traveled as far as Beijing to Mumbai, Singapore to Croatia.

Speaking of the road, Catching Flies shares more about touring, the inspiring aspect of it and what he is listening to at the moment: “The most inspiring thing for me in terms of making new music is touring. Everything moves so quickly, and there’s so much to take in. It’s like the polar opposite from being in the studio, and I think I need the two extremes. Whenever I come back from a tour, I tend to make the music I end up liking the most. I recently came back from a tour in China, and started and finished four tracks in the space of a week or so. That’s really rare for me. I usually spend months endlessly and unnecessarily tweaking stuff. The other thing that is naturally inspiring is hearing music that sounds fresh or different. Something that makes me excited to make music. At the moment, I’m listening to a lot of Skee Mask (his album ‘Compo’ which came out on Ilian Tape this year), Joe Armon-Jones’ album ‘Starting Today’ and an album by Padang Food Tigers called ‘Ready Country Nimbus’”

The song of the hour and the newest creation from Catching Flies is ‘Satisfied,’ a more upbeat track from his library. “The initial idea for Satisfied was made on a flight between London and LA. I was playing some shows out in the US, and I wanted something more upbeat end my sets with. The chord stabs you hear at the beginning were tapped out on my laptop keyboard, and then I just kept adding stuff from there – there’s guitars, live strings… The tune has about 200 layers and went through various different versions over time, so I wanted to celebrate that. That’s why there are ambient and extended mixes included in the release as well. I couldn’t decide which version to release, so I ended up releasing all three.”

With ‘Satisfied’ and with ‘A Short Film About Catching Flies,’ the producer aims to bring his fans closer to his craft, as he’s never put out anything like this before. He further explains the purpose of this insightful video: “I was aware that I had never really put anything online in terms of me in the studio or otherwise. I’ve never really enjoyed the social media side of things. My good friends Josh (Feder) and Saul (Abraham) are directors, and so we decided we’d make something. To be honest, if I didn’t know these two, the film probably wouldn’t exist – I only wanted to do it if I trusted the people making it. They wanted the film to feel like a scrapbook – a collection of snapshots and notes that focus in on different parts of my creative process. They also gave me a Super8 camera so I could shoot some of it myself, which was fun. The content of the film actually began with Josh getting me to send him a load of voice notes recorded on my phone about my process – some of these ended up being included in the film. All credit goes to Josh and Saul, and Jack Wilkinson who was the DOP. I’m really happy with the end product, so I can’t thank them all enough”.

You are welcome to come inside the Catching Flies studio via this short film that you can find below.

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