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by Rojan


Music December 6, 2018
Freya Ridings placed herself in the Top 10 Charts with her stunning and heartfelt new single “Lost Without You”, we managed to catch up with the animal-obsessed star to chat all things music!

When did you start your journey on becoming a singer/ songwriter?

I really struggled academically at school being dyslexic so when I found the piano rooms they became my safe haven where I could write by ear and tell the stories guess you’d normally tell to a friend. My Dad played guitar and showed me just enough to learn my first chords when I was around 9 and I played my first live open mic at 11 which was a lighting blot moment of finding what I loved. 

Can you talk us through your song writing process?

My songwriting process I wouldn’t say is typical, because I never write with a pen or paper! Just sitting at the piano and shutting my eyes and singing the things that I’d struggle to say to people I care about. It’s the ones that come from a deepest subconscious that I always connect with most in the moment. 

You are multi-talented and you play a couple of instruments, is there any that you can’t play but would love to learn how to? 

Firstly, thank you! I’ve always wanted to play cello because I think it’s a stunning emotional instrument. Also some kind of brass would be so out of my comfort zone but I would love to try it one day. 

Your single “Lost Without You” has climbed its way to the top 10 charts, how does that make you feel?

It’s quite surreal to be honest. To hear a song I wrote on my own, heartbroken in my front room being played on the radio or being sung back to me by thousands of people is probably the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m just so grateful to the people who’ve supported me even when it wasn’t the ‘cool’ thing to do. 

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before, how would you encourage them to listen to it?

Indie pop piano ballads! I’m a huge fan of haunting piano vocal music like Florence and Enya. I would say that it’s songs for anyone who’s ever felt isolated and heartbroken at the same time, because that’s where I was when I was writing them.  

Who did you look up to musically when you were younger and would you say they have inspired you to become the artist you are today?

Growing up in north London Adele and Amy Winehouse were from the same area and it really was a huge inspiration to see these strong honest and wildly lyric driven women telling their stores with so much fire. For a little shy redheaded girl that really meant so much to see them flourish. 

Are you collaborating with anyone at the moment, if so who?

This first studio album has been so many months in the making and it’s really been such an honour to work with some of my writing and producer hero’s of my childhood. It’s still currently being finished so I can’t say yet but I’m incredible excited to share it with everyone next year! 

What’s one piece of clothing or item you can’t live without, what makes it to your everyday wear?

I’m currently obsessed with this dark green velvet jacket I recently got recently, it’s high neck keeps throat warm now it’s coming into winter. I’m almost always cold normally so now I can’t leave the house without it. 

Can you tell us a new fact that no one would know about you? 

I’m obsessed with the idea of starting ginger animal sanctuary for animals that have been rejected for being redheads. 

What’s one advice you’ve been told and had to learn as an artist?

That it’s okay to admit you don’t understand something, and it proves how much you’re willing to grow as an artist. 

Is there a motto that you live by and would like to share with us? 

There’s a Serena Williams quote that I literally use every day “ Play The Point!” I think it means not getting overwhelmed by the scale of what’s going on around you, just give it everything in the moment and have a lot of gratitude.  

Can we expect anything from you in the future? An upcoming album or tour perhaps?

We’re in the final stages of finishing the album and next year we have shows around the U.K., Europe and America which I’m beyond excited about! Being on the road and in the studio has been such an honour and I can’t wait to share more with the people who’ve supported me with open hearts. 

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