Breakfast at Simpson’s in the Strand with Artist in Residence Zoom Rockman

by Ananda De Morais


Art & Culture December 15, 2018

On 19th November, London’s restaurant Simpson’s in the Strand unveiled illustrations created by British Satirical Cartoonist Zoom Rockman.

Your Move Copyright © 2018 Zoom Rockman


18 year old illustrator was made as Artist in Residence at Simpson’s in the Strand at the start of the year and has made a series of six new artworks celebrating the restaurant’s most eminent patron, Sir Winston Churchill, which are now displayed throughout the historic building.

Zoom Rockman has been named by The Evening Standard as one of the most influential Londoners under 25 and has gathered positive press from the likes of British Vogue, The Observer Magazine and The Independent.  His exhibition at The Hospital in Covent Garden sold out and was described by The Telegraph as “a young comic genius”. Rockman is a Young Ambassador for the world’s biggest arts charity, The Big Draw, and he’s very focused about the importance of creativity in education.

Victory Copyright © 2018 Zoom Rockman

Known for his different cartoon style, he first gained attention of The Beano, where his first comic strip ‘Skanky Pigeon’ was published, when he was only 12 years old and at the age of 16 became the youngest cartoonist in Private Eye magazine’s history and continues to be a frequent contributor.

Rockman’s illustrations include a fantasy dinner in the modern-day restaurant between Churchill – with a cigar poised between his lips – and former Prime Ministers, and his rivals, William Gladstone Benjamin Disraeli, choosing to use Disraeli as he was one of Churchill’s political idols, imagining the pair in conversation while Gladstone looks distractedly out of the frame.

Disraeli, Churchill, Gladstone with Carver, Charlie Brown Copyright © 2018 Zoom Rockman

Rockman also looks at the restaurant’s cinematic past as the politicians are pictured being served by the famous Master Carver, Charlie Brown, who was featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1936 film, Sabotage.

Describing the experience of being an Artist in Residence at Simpson’s in the Strand, Zockman says:

“It’s hard to describe how much being Artist in Residence at Simpson’s in the Strand means to me. It is an honour and a privilege to be linked with such a historic setting. Walking in to the Grand Divan for the first time was like stepping into a dream: I had no idea that places like this even existed. It is easy to imagine Churchill sitting at his table, smoking a cigar.”

Ananda De Morais | WRITER

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