by Ananda De Morais


Fashion December 19, 2018

HYPE was started by a couple of students in the UK, and now they’ve grown into a international company and even partnered up with the iconic Disney to bring us the best collection. For Disney’s the 90th anniversary HYPE came up with a collection which included accessories and apparel all inspired by Minnie, Mickey and the rest of the Disney characters.

HYPE x Disney collection included retro sports outfits, a selection of sweaters, t-shirts, varsity jackets, bags, accessories. Some of the sweatshirts had a character-covered, and the t-shirts too and they also had Mickey-ears-style accessories.

So many different colours and characters are on the t-shirts. One of my favourites is the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, with the t-shirt being black and white swirls, it has the character stamped all across it. Another of my favourites is the varsity jacket with one of the 100 Dalmatians on the back.

The event was amazing, it even had a candy floss machine and popcorn maker but what else could you except from HYPE x Disney.


Ananda De Morais | WRITER

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