by Sinyu Siu


Fashion January 7, 2019

The first day of London Men’s Fashion Week witnesses a unique presentation in a space that is either a small theater or a coffee shop given by Band of Outsiders. The impeccable way of trimming and evocative color palette consists of the 2019 autumn and winter series of Band of Outsiders.

Band of Outsiders is a London-based clothing brand. Its concept of ‘Everyday wear’, ‘underlining personality’, ‘simplifying life‘ attracts a multitude of fans.

In this season, Band of Outsiders is themed by intergalactic recruitment. We are led to a close-up film center through the back street of Brick Lance. It is an interesting space combining the function of library, movie theater and coffee shop, exposing us in their world of fashion via a pioneering way.

Reefer coat in navy blue velvet and slim-fit pants has drawn everyone’s attention. This look borders on perfect in terms of color and trimming. Besides, the maple-color tailored suit is flawless printed with a distinctive preppy look owned by Band of Outsiders.

There in nothing more eye-catchy than evocative color palette in this series. Navy blue is selected as the mainstream color, supported by maple orange, crimson, camel, olive green and black, together crating a comfortable and harmonious feeling, and this is why this series is so much desired.


Sinyu Siu | Writer | @sinyusiu

Leanda Heler | Photographer | @leandaheler

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