by Adam Chi Lung Chan


Fashion January 9, 2019

Money is the anthem of success? Private Policy’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection is titled – “MONEY VS. HUMAN”, the New York based menswear label exploding the consumption obsession under the leadership of modern capitalism. Inspired by four characters who are integral to the money system: bankers, workers, police officers and robbers. 


The collection opened the show with a “robber” inspired Black Balaclava, with models handcuffed with silver and gold chains, paired with a black leather belt. Followed by police officers, workers and bankers inspired outfits, with most of the outfits blending two “characters” to create one look oversized tailored wool coats and outerwear references bankers; clear quilted vests and harnesses pay tribute to police officers and robbers; and denim utility workwear represent the working class.

Chinese writing on a tee and all over typography prints are the most eye catching pieces in this collection, the Traditional Chinese writing “招財進寶” was inspired by the Qing Dynesty of the Chinese empire, literally translated “ushering in wealth and prosperity”. The simple t-shirt tells a story of the current capitalism mindset: money is everything. 

Great amounts of shiny, silky fabrics are featured in the collection, a quilted silk jacket with printed coin-wrapper inspired patterns with typography “$10 quarter”, styled with shiny silvery trousers, the very “bougie” looks embody the stereotype that “money is everything”. 

In short the collection has a strong storyline and cohesive message, by questioning and criticising current capitalism. Whilst it could be argued that this story has been told before, Private Policy have definitely refreshed it for the late 2010s.


Adam, Chi Lung Chan | Writer | @adamfromfashion

Aiesha Ijewere | Photographer | @aiesha_kardashian

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