by Adam Chi Lung Chan


Fashion January 10, 2019

Lou Dalton has produced a collection with heavy links to the 1970s collaborating with Gloverall on outerwear. Communist and socialist vibes run throughout the A/W range with thick knitwear (in collaboration with John Smedley) and utilitarian looks featuring throughout.

Running with the theme of the “the working man” Dalton has used earthy hues and practical cuts worn by non-profesusional models recruited from friends and colleagues.

In keeping with her style traditional fabrics and techniques are used to great effect where wide checks and strong patterns are paired with alternating muted and bright colours. Wide scarves are used throughout with the patterning complementing the jackets and hats.

Synthetic materials are kept to a minimum creating long lasting, practical garments. Evoking a time when fashion was inherently sustainable. 


Adam, Chi Lung Chan | Writer | @adamfromfashion

Aiesha Ijewere | Photographer | @aiesha_kardashian

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