by Sinyu Siu


Fashion January 10, 2019

We were led to a dark room where the performers danced to music under neon lights as if we were in a club of the 80s. Michiko Koshino showed us her AW19 collection. It was inspired by the masculinity that society so often associates with cross-country activity.

As a senior designer, Michiko Koshino has been hailed as the industry’s original pioneer. Her previous collections, such as the “Motor King” collection of 1980, is still acclaimed and researched by many designers and scholars.

In this collection, Michiko continued the roots of her design principals and the iconic of the brand as characterized by the strong structure, unique silhouette, and escapism. Michiko displayed the theme using key elements like camouflage, leather, waxed cotton and khaki tone.

At the same time, the designer used multi-toned khakis, fluorescent brights and other nifty tones lining inside the garments to make winterwear no longer dull. Her revolutionary creation always brings a pleasant sensation, which is perhaps the power of Michiko Koshino.


Sinyu Siu | Writer | @sinyusiu

Kiera Simpson | Photographer | @kierasimpsondesigns

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