by Shanna Bent


Fashion February 15, 2019

Since graduating with an MA in Knitwear from Central Saint Martins in 2015, Matty Bovan’s schedule has been rammed with producing his ongoing collections whilst acting as Senior Contributing Fashion Editor of LOVE magazine.

He has named his AW19 collection after the last few words of a disturbingly sarcastic letter he read addressed to his deceased grandmother – ‘In Uncertain Times, This Is A Sure Thing!’ – playfully addressing current ongoing political issues. A few months prior to this, he had been heavily researching the Pendle Witch Trials of 1612, devoting special interest in the Lancastrian massacre against mysticism.  Matty Bovan eventually focused his research on folklore and myth and though skeptical, finds it beautifully fascinating. He shows his enthusiasm by frantically running out after his show finale with a wand in his hand, casting a roar of excitement in the crowd.

Matty Bovan stays true to his signature apparel of deconstructed fabrics and raw edges. Despite the collection being darkly inspired, he manages to showcase ‘prettiness’ through a tribal-esque colour palette, frilled shoulders and Edwardian necklines.  Extra decadence and Englishness is accentuated with signature Liberty prints such as the Tana Lawn pattern and that of the English dragon.

Each model came down the runway with sleek, black, fringed bobs framing their fresh faces and lined, sensualised lips. Contrasting fabrics and prints are blended into voluminous shapes, folded around the body. Shirts are halved and reconstructed directly down the middle as he plays with tiny and enlarged graphics. Each ensemble is a tapestry in itself, constructed with beautiful fabric off cuts and effortless draping.

The backdrop of the show is fashioned from the impressions of the Yorkshire stately home, Burton Agnes Hall, designed by Rory Mullen, giving a nod to quintessentially Britishness.



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