Marta Jakubowski | AW19

by Lorna May


Fashion February 17, 2019

Marta Jakubowski, graduate from the Royal college of Art London, introduced her AW19 collection is a sophisticated display of her traditional minimalist design technique at London Fashion Week. 

With the collection ranging from strongly tailored suits, mixing brown, grey, white and black shades incorporating dramatic slits, elegant evening gowns, and the combination of neutral shades against bold contrasts, the collection perfectly representing the contemporary woman, highlighting the versatility of all women.

With the line suggesting an early 90’s aesthetic, the use of vibrant draped tailoring and cut out pieces featuring in past seasons demonstrates Marta’s concept that sexuality and ambition and women are not mutually exclusive. This notion is demonstrated through combination of low necks in tailored suits, cut outs in suit trousers and subtle reveals throughout the collection.

Displaying this concept through the use of colour, Marta Jakubowski presented a crushed velvet evening dress featuring a low falling v neck and sharply tailored shoulders, representative of her concept of versatility between ambition and sexuality. Incorporating an Ombre technique into the design, the blend of white, blue and red in the form of the floor length evening gown distinguished the adaptability of women, acting as a representation of the elements that make up the contemporary woman. Alongside this further depth was added to the garment through the separation of colours across the gown, with each shade boldly standing out as an individual on separate parts of the garment. exclusive.

Inspired by Whitney Houston I am every woman, Marta Jakubowski’s collection aims to represent all women and all aspects of women, our versatility, ambition, physicality, versatility and sexuality through the use of shoulders, waists, cut outs, colours and perfectly layered aesthetics, whilst keeping unique yet elegant silhouettes that perfectly fit to the female form.



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