Pam Hogg | AW19

by Daisy Sells


Fashion February 17, 2019

Pam Hogg is no stranger to provocation. Her collections have consistently been rife with nudity, leather, chaps and catsuits. Sexual references were rife throughout with the lines between sexuality and identity most definitely blurred throughout the collection,‘Venus in Phurrr’, alluding to the goddess of love delving into her darker side.


The renegade designer paid homage to post-punk designer Judy Blame using everything from leather and PVC to tulle and pearls, Hogg sent down a series of catsuits and related ensembles meant to celebrate strong but nonaggressive women.


Granted, it would take a ballsy and/or drunken girl to channel her inner Venus and strut in some of the pieces – I have my eye firmly on the gold lame number – For the slightly more faint of heart Hogg has added a less confrontational and a highly wearable pieces, highlights were pinafore dresses layered over pussy-bow blouses, a black boiler suit, and a pink buckled tunic over a pair of matching three-quarter length trousers. These were, however, highly contrasted with gold lamé body suits, entirely transparent catsuits (one featuring a surprisingly juxtaposed series of white lace, embellished patches, including one delicately placed on the crotch), and voluminous, cylindrical dresses. As always, the punk PhD never fails to titillate the LFW #FROW.

 Words by Daisy Sells

Photography by Jade Berry


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