DB Berdan | AW19

by Remi Akande


Fashion February 20, 2019

One of the highlights of the Fashion Scout schedule at London Fashion Week, streetwear brand DB Berdan presented their AW19 Collection – inspired by the idea of a safe space where everyone is included and comfortable, on Day 2 of LFW.

The London based hyper streetwear brand created by Deniz Berdan and Begum Berdan, focusing on genderless clothing and the eradication of heteronormativity. For DB Berdan, clothing doesn’t need to be driven by social labels, they aim to unite a community of like-minded individuals that are not defined by sex, race or gender.

Using eye-catching print to tell their stories, the brand is unapologetically themselves and love unifying art, music, film and performance.

For their AW19 Collection in collaboration with Puma Turkey the brand explored the issue of double standards within the fashion industry, regarding the treating LGBTQ people as token characters, as trophy’s or spectacles to be observed and celebrated within that world.

The catwalk show was be styled by Kay Altamira previously at LOVE Magazine using shoes from Puma Turkey this season and face Jewellery from Inaurem and Jewellery and rubber accessories from Prong Jewellery

There is no better way to describe DB Berdan’s collection as a true statement to the world, to both the exclusivity of the fashion industry. This collection, fittingly titled DBXB FORCE, is representative of a made-up force specifically for LGBTQ people. The collection explores the double standards of the fashion industry regarding their treatment of the LGBTQ community.

There is a heavy focus in the collection on the existence of safe spaces. Symbols used to denote safe spaces within the workplace are printed onto garments alongside some imagery and symbols from World War 2 that have been reimagined and adapted so that the meanings communicate what Berdan refers to as the “LGBTQ victory.

The runway was laden with oversized raver pants, aluminium foil like puffa coats which were made entirely of cotton and nylon and tartan trench coats and pinstriped denim racer joggers. Materials included distressed two-tone denim and raw edges, both in earthy tones such as brown and green and contrasting neon prints.

The AW19 collection champions inclusivity and love through the symbols printed onto the designs, but this was perhaps most obvious in the models that walked the runway.

Each model was strikingly individual, in shape size, hair and makeup – which is as unique as them.

Berden saying “Their hair and makeup match their identities – if they didn’t feel comfortable in what we placed them in, we changed it. We wanted to celebrate all the people wearing our clothes”.


 Remi Akande | Writer | @remiakande
Emily Morgan | Photographer | @emilygrace_morgan 

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