by Adam Chi Lung Chan


Fashion February 21, 2019

To create such a strong collection you would need to have unique inspiration and strong group of talented creatives to contribute and Richard Malone’s autumn/winter 2019-2020 collection was clearly a great example of successful team work. Styled by NELL KALONJI (fashion editor of Another Magazine), collaborating with GALA COLIVET-DENNISON jewellery and BY FAR footwear, the artful and powerful team shone in front of the audience.

Before the show even started, the runway set design got my attention, party food and drinks, balloons and colourful ribbons scattered all around the runway like a birthday party! The collection opened (no music) with a handsome and classic, oversized navy blue blazer with extra layers tied at the waist, styled with open legged trousers (open legged trousers in a selection of colours featured throughout the collection). 

Retro party plates inspired prints are shown through the collection.

Sustainable fashion is very important, apparently Richard Malone understood being sustainable was not only a trend, it’s rather a long-lasting goal in the British and the world fashion industry. The collection uses recycled, organic cotton jersey. Waste is very limited, dresses are cut from precisely one metre of woven fabric and shaped through contouring by hand.Much of the colour palette takes cues from the tonal browns of ‘bad, mum lipstick’ and the optimistic brights of street party flags. Bra cups deliberately sit away from the body, artfully awkward.

In shorts, Richard Malone’s design is getting stronger and stronger every season, he is a responsible fashion designer who cares about our future, being Sustainable in fashion shouldn’t be merely a choice! it’s a mission to educate buyers and audiences the new way, the sustainable way to design and create.


Adam, Chi Lung Chan | Writer | @adamfromfashion

All Images from RICHARD MALONE  press release





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