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Music April 4, 2019

New indie rock/pop band, NOVACUB consists of Louise Bartle, Russell Lissack, Iona Thomas and Tony Alda. They are planning to take over the music scene with their new, cool and upbeat tunes, ‘I still need it’ and now their newest single ‘Wait Up’. I had no choice but to chat with the London based band to get to know them a little better! The frontwoman Louise discusses tour, inspirations, songwriting and much, much more.

“I was always obsessed with music from as early as I can remember. I was really into rhythm initially, and loved to perform drum solos on the kitchen table to my mum, dad, and sister.” Louise told me when asked what the reason was she got into music. She also mentioned that her family wasn’t all that into her drumming and that she persuaded them to allow her to have drum lessons, which ended up being the best decision she’d ever made, now she’s also playing guitar in this band, now that’s a multi-talented musician!

Like anyone else, I was curious to find out why the group is called Novacub. The band name came from a nickname he and another musician had given me on a previous tour (where I was playing drums). They called me ‘Lou Bear’ or ‘The Bear’. As for the ‘NOVA’ part, I’m such a fan of space/supernova association and love that the word literally means ‘new’. I remembered the nickname they’d given me and wanted to create a character – so NOVACUB was born!”The reason behind this project was that Louise needed an outlet for her musical ideas and had a lot of feelings to express, Russell Lissack- whom she has a strong musical connection with, encouraged Louise and gave her confidence to release music into the world and to give it a shot.

Growing up, Louise had so many musical influences, to be precise a long list- Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Radiohead, The Strokes, Musiq, Soulchild, Paramore and Prince”she told me she got stuck on this question and went on to say “I probably never would’ve finished answering the other questions if I didn’t stop the list here.”

Writing songs is always different for Louise, “some ideas start on the guitar with a loop pedal, which I’ll send to Russell” she tells me. Sometimes Russell sends her an idea and then they build that song together. I love how much of a team we are – I feel like there’s a strong trust between us – we often say we must be long lost twins because our musical connection is so strong.” Novacub’s new single ‘I still need it’ started with Russell who started writing the guitar part and then sent it to Louise. “The song is about a failing relationship that you’re scared to admit is over and still wanting to fight to make it work. ” Louise tells me. This song was able to channel her feelings as she was coming out of a relationship at the time she wrote it. There no admitting that the song is a banger!

When asked if they’d release an Album or EP soon, Louise says her and the band have written a lot more songs than an album’s worth, We’re currently releasing things one by one, and will eventually put an EP out – it’s really hard to contain us….”. On collaborations, they have worked with a few people mainly friends who were working with them from the start, We just came off tour with The Kaiser Chiefs, which was an amazing experience. We find that some of the best musical connections happen on the road, so we’re eager to get back out there ASAP.”

Louise equally loves both, recording in a studio and playing live to crowds, she told me they are both different skills to her. “I love recording because there’s less immediate pressure and you’re creating something that is the ‘official’ work. I love the process of building it up from scratch. That said, I also love playing live because it’s an opportunity for us to try and make the song connect with someone who may have never heard it before.”  It’s a space that relives moments and feelings that she’s written about- and she finds it very cathartic.

Louise can confirm that they will be touring around with other bands; they’ll be putting more music out, posting more funny videos on their Instagram and with a very hopeful dream of selling out the O2 Arena in a few years, “So stay tuned!!!” she adds. This means that we will be seeing a lot more of Novacub in the future, big things coming from this bundle of joys. I am super stoked to see what they have in offer in the next few months!

After their successful tour with The Kaiser Chiefs and Xcerts, they’re going back on tour with The futureheads and The Kaiser Chiefs yet again, you can catch them on the following dates:

28th May – The Globe, Cardiff (supporting the Futureheads)

29th May – The Garage, London (supporting the Futureheads)

    4th June – Mountford Hall, Liverpool (supporting Kaiser Chiefs)

5th June – O2 Academy, Newcastle (supporting Kaiser Chiefs)

6th June – Barrowlands, Glasgow (supporting Kaiser Chiefs)

And let’s not forget, they’re also playing a couple of festivals in the summer:

2nd June – Camden Rocks

11th July – 2000trees

You’d be silly to miss them on tour, go buy tickets NOW!


Check out their newest single ‘Wait Up’:





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