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Music May 8, 2019

Lucy Spraggan has had a rollercoaster of a ride in life, I get the chance to catch up with the talented musician and talk to her about her new album. I get super close and personal from talking to her about music making, mental health, and even her X-Factor journey.

Who or what would you say encouraged you to get into music?

My parents were pretty musical. My brother played guitar and I always wanted to be better than him at everything… He’s still better at guitar.

Over time your music has evolved and has become something within itself, how would you describe your music now- what sort of vibe are you trying to get across?

It’s more pop music now. There’s more production but the sentiment is still the same; I like to put out a positive message, always!

What has inspired your new album “Today was a good day”?

I want to tell the world where I am at right now. I want to acknowledge that not every day has been amazing and not every day has been truly awful – some days are OK, some are good. I want to remind myself that that’s ok.What has your songwriting process been like?

It was quite hard for this record. I’d been spending a lot of time touring and enjoying my personal life and didn’t take enough time to write the record! So when it came down to the label needing the songs I had to write them pretty quickly. Usually, it’s quite relaxed.

You’ve collaborated with various people for the album, what would you say each person has taught you throughout the process?

Roy from scouting for girls is a great musician and a guy that knows a lot about the industry, it was great to work alongside him and take on a lot of advice on the way. I worked with Jon Maguire again for this record which is always such a pleasure, he and I are great friends and it’s really great to be able to be open and honest with each other while recording a record.

Who inspires you musically and why?

I love Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton, Tupac, Biggie, Blackalicious..Do you prefer playing music to a live crowd or recording music in a studio?

Live, every time!!

Are there any rituals that you do before a gig or things that keep you zen and less anxious or do you just kick it and see what happens?

Me and the band do this thing where we put our hands in the air before we go on stage. It’s supposed to release testosterone to help with nerves!

You struggled with mental health issues for a long time after Xfactor, what would you say you have learned and will keep on having to continue doing to help you through your journey to recovery- what would you advice others going through a similar situation to you to do?

I try to eat well and exercise as much as I can. I try to keep my mind open and think positively (which isn’t always easy!) and would encourage others to try their best to do the same.Would you say Xfactor was a good experience and did they help much after the things you went through, I see you mentioned you’d be offered free drinks and just partied all the time- what would you say helped you stay grounded and be you, who or what helped you turn around and go “yes I need recovery!” ?

I think you have to hit rock bottom before you resurface and for me that was a huge part of coming back around. I had some pretty bad experiences and I knew I had to drag myself out of that or risk wrecking my life. You have to find that moment for yourself.

What you are doing by sharing your story and helping others is incredibly inspiring, what would you say got you involved in mental health charities and would you join more if you can, how about making your own one up- would that be something you’d like to do in the future? 

I like the idea of helping other people. There is an amazing charity called Andy’s Man Club which helps men all over the country, it’s growing so rapidly, I love the work they are doing and would love to get more involved with that.

What would you say is coming in the next few months that we should keep our eyes peeled for any other new projects in the line? New tours?

There’ll be another album after this one, and maybe 20 more after that I hope! I’m back off to the states in June, so it’s all go!




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