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Music May 10, 2019

Hi Toya, so what have you been up to so far in 2019?

2019 has been weird AF so far – Music wise it’s been interesting – I have also been experimenting with garage, baseline and zulu grime, which is weird but I keep doing it because it sounds awesome and I get to share a bit of my heritage through it. I have been performing around London and collaborating with producers and artists, I also had the chance to share stage with Django Django, Kinshasa sound system, Slaves and Damon Albarn at the Africa express festival, things have been really interesting.


Your latest single ‘gQoma’ is out now and the response has been great, what inspired this track?  

The ‘Q’ in gqoma gives a popping sound when pronounced, it is made by the tongue sliding off the forefront of the palate (easier said than done). I was in a rap cypher during the he for she festival at the vault and I started spitting  “iyagqoma ihiphop”  during my rap piece, meaning hip hop bangs, one of the people listening in was Raf Riley  (really cool producer) and he really liked the onomatopoeia in the zulu rap, so he invited me to studio, we wanted to make something that is a mix of UK and South Africa, and Gqoma was born!

Who are your musical influences? 

I have had a wide range of musical influences Lauryn hill was my first, and Grimes has been an inspiration because of her live production sets, I think it’s the best way to perform.

How does your home country of South Africa influence your music and writing?

I take a lot of inspiration from my native language isizulu, and and I have been blending it with a garage, baseline and grime.

What do you love most about living in London?

I love the variety of people that you meet and the different cultures. I love how much people enjoy the sun being out and practically strip in the park just because the sun is out. 

You have an impressive back catalogue of releases, all varying in sound and style, what can fans expect from you for the rest of the year?

As they know I move with the flow and go where the music takes me, that’s the one thing that is consistent about my releases. Folks can also expect a new EP!

Who inspires you in your day to day life?

Gary vee Vaynerchuk he is a entrepreneur inspirational speaker who always has 

What advice would you give to artists starting out? 

If you enjoy what you are doing you have won half the battle, Keep following that feeling and keep improving on your skills, never stop and think you got it keep doing it every day. 

Where do you go to relax from daily life?

The park I love going to the park and just chilling with a book

What is your biggest personal achievement to date?

Being Nominated at the American BET Awards as best International African act.


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