by Rojan


Music May 16, 2019

Cambridge born and bred Big Heath, has had big things come to him in the hip hop scene. I caught up with him just before his London gig supporting Token at Islington O2 Academy. I haven’t seen so much love for a support act as I did with him; the audience was so blown away by his talent and banter onstage.


Big Heath loved music from a young age “I had a really bad stutter as a kid, the only thing that made me not stutter was rap.” He said this all fell in place ever since he found rap, he’s loved how things have been and the fact it got rid of his stutter; he just loves entertaining people with rap music. Kayne West is one of Big Heath’s inspiration in rap, he said “in terms in believing in yourself, like obviously I have a very different image on what I talk about, it’s very different to the stereotypical rap. Kayne has always been like ‘just be you’ and to hear that as a kid it’s motivating, you know?”


On songwriting, big heath told me he used to find a beat off Youtube and record it on his phone and now that he’s grown more as an artist he’s able to write more songs.  “Now I’m like very much I know what I’m going to write about.” He also loves being by himself writing music, “Beauty of the fact, even if you work with someone that you trust and know well it’s still nice but I’d like to feel venerable, when you’re by yourself you can let everything out.“


Big Heath has a new EP coming out soon, he said it’ll be very different “it’s better, it’s very honest and it couldn’t represent me anymore, every song on there is different for a reason.” He’s going to include new talent in his music, “honestly I don’t do it so they get known, it’s nice to help people out and it doesn’t look like you’ve lent on someone big to get you out there.”



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