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Music May 17, 2019

20-year-old Hrvy born and bred in Kent- has a massive following of 4.2 million on social media, he started singing from a very young age and is now topped to be the next big thing and in all honesty, he is already a global star. I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the pop star during a lovely bank holiday Monday to talk about music and much more.

What got you started in music?

I started when I was 13 and I would always sing in class and my friends would always tell me to do something about it because I used to annoy them by just singing all the time. So they told me to post videos on facebook- so I recorded myself singing posted covers on facebook and then it just built from there. But then I’ve always wanted to be a singer; I’ve always tried to be successful- you know? Like make something of myself.

You also dance, is that a passion of yours too?

Well about a year and a half ago I did a music video, for Personal- and my label were like “look let’s try and get you to dance, let’s just try.” So they threw me into rehearsals, bear in mind I’ve never really danced before, but I loved it and I kind of got away with it and I picked it up quite well. Now it’s a massive passion of mine, I couldn’t imagine doing a set without dancing or moving around.

Like lots of the stuff you do, dancing with some singing and the music videos- it kind of reminded me of back in the 90s, like there was a ton of boy bands and that was super popular back then- what I want to know is who was your favourite from back then?

YES, I love that!! Well I mean growing up I liked NSYNC, I loved Justin Timberlake- he’s a big inspiration because he could sing, he dances and acts. Like I want to be able to act one day. And then just singing wise, I love Boyz II Men, I love that R&B kind of singing.

What Inspired “Told You So”?

The Story behind it is basically being with someone and knowing it wasn’t going to work out and telling the person it isn’t working out- so then it’s like you saying “hey, look I told you so” like as in look I told you so it wouldn’t work out, that kind of happens a lot in my life.

How would you explain what your songwriting process is like?

I love melodies, when I’m in the studio I come up with a lot of melodies and then the lyrics kind of come after. When you come into the studio sometimes you have a phrase that you like fit in, like “I told you so” or like a concept.  But I’m definitely into the melodies making part, that’s more me.  What about an upcoming album?

At some point it will be like some slow songs, some really uptempo songs, I like to do a little bit of everything so everyone can kind of enjoy the music rather than specifically doing certain genre the whole way through.

What album or musician would you say has inspired you to make the music you’ve made today?

I love Pop music, I love R&B music too. I love Post Malone, Billie Eilish. I love the Purpose album by Justin Bieber, that album was amazing, I also love Shawn Mendes’ stuff, they’re a bit more on the organic kind of style. So as you can tell I love loads of different people.

Playing live to a crowd or recording in a studio?

Ah, that’s so hard! I love being in the studio, not gonna lie. I love the creating process. I mean yesterday I did an arena and performing songs in an arena are and people singing the music back is kind of amazing too.

So what was it like working with Jonas Blue?

Amazing, he’s a really cool guy. I love Jonas.  We did the summertime ball together in 2018.  It was probably one of the best shows I’ve ever done.Have you been working with anyone else, producers or other people?

I might actually be going to work with Jonas in a couple of weeks time, which I’m really excited about. And I just worked with these boys called NOTD, we just had a song come out just a couple of days ago. They too have a really big song out right now. They’re producers/DJs too.

At the moment so much is happening in society with how people should act or be, What in society would you say as a male pressures you to be or do something but sometimes you’re like “well wait I don’t want to be perceived that way, that isn’t me!”?

I feel like you have to follow certain rules because I have wide set of audience, I have a lot of kids following me, a lot of teenagers and parents too actually. So I feel like I have to be careful on what I say but it’s a hard one because I also have my opinions and stuff like that, sometimes they’re best not said in certain situations because it can get you in trouble. I also feel like there’s a time and place for things to be said but I do again feel like at the moment the worlds very sensitive, with everything that going on- so you have to be aware of that kind of stuff. As so far I feel like I’ve been pretty much myself and I haven’t had to really confer to society pressures yet so far. I’ve been pretty lucky with that kind of stuff. I feel like hopefully the more I get bigger the more influence I have and then at a certain point my opinions and stuff will matter as such you know. At the moment I’ve been ok, I feel like society has treated me all right, so far anyway.

How big would you want your career to be, and how important is that to you as an artist?

Obviously, you can shoot for the stars and say you want to be the biggest ever. I like to be big enough to be able to be known for when I die, I know that’s very deep. But I want people to know me when I go and I would want to be an icon even if that means to my children’s children down the lines, that’ll be cool. To be known and remembered, let’s just say one day I would like to have the same fame Justin Bieber has. Anything, or anywhere near that is perfect.

You’re still on tour with The Vamps and also finished your European tour plus you’ll be playing at festivals this summer- what are you looking forward to most?

I really enjoyed the tour, and then for the vamps, I’m doing the arenas- which is amazing, and then festivals I’m doing radio one big weekend- so I’m super excited for it, I have rehearsals coming up for that. I just love festivals in general; being outside- the atmosphere is great! I am excited for this year really- a lot more music coming, more music videos and just a lot more shows in generals- I love adding more new music to my shows making it more exciting for the audience.




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