by Sarah-Louise Maillet


Music May 26, 2019

Kyra recently released cover and song Closer Than Close which introduces us to her universe before releasing her EP entitled “Xanadu” this summer. I had the opportunity to sit down with her to talk more about her vision, her upcoming EP and her inspiration.

Could you tell me more about your background and music ?

I was raised in a household that was full of rare groove, jazz and soul. My Dad plays the bass and there was always music on and lots of singing and dancing. I guess having such an eclectic palette at such a young age shaped my musical taste. 


When is your EP going to be released ?

My EP entitled ‘Xanadu’ will be out this summer. I’m releasing a few singles before then with some visuals which will delve into the concept of the music. 


What were/are the main themes and emotions expressed in your EP ?

It revolves around forbidden love, angst, rebellion and escapism into my utopian world. 



You recently released the remake and single Closer than Close. Why did you chose that song ?

It’s a song I’ve had a love affair with for some time, I’m obsessed with soulful house and UK House & Garage. I was messing about in the studio with The Garden and we thought it’d be cool to do a version, so we laid down the chords and recorded the demo in an afternoon. We loved it so we put it out. The vocals and arrangement are as they were from the original session. 


What and who is inspiring you ?

Nature inspires me, women inspire me, Mothers inspire me. Anyone being their authentic self and managing to carve out their own path amidst the noise of this world is who and what is inspiring me. 


 How would you like your music identity to be in the future ?


My music and my visual Art reflects who I am and what I’m experiencing in my life. So as long as I remain true to myself and put out music I believe in, that’s all I can hope for. 


What’s next ?

 The first installment from my EP ‘Cause & Cure’ will be released on 07.06.19

Photographer: Olivia Lifungula
Creative Direction & Hair: Rohmarra Kerr
Set designer: Sheena Brobbey
Set Assistant: Pier F. Mari
Talent: Kyra

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