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Music June 3, 2019

James Bay has managed to sell out The London Palladium on 22nd May as a one-off show in one of the most historic venues in London(normally theatre performances are played there); this is just months before he heads out on tour with Ed Sheeran as his support act.

Bay took to the stage and opened his set with Pink Lemonade, half of the crowd were not sure whether to stand due to the setting of the concert being in a theatre- but as you can imagine as soon as one person stands others follow the lead and join along singing and dancing to his songs. James really loved interacting with the crowd encouraging them to sing as loud as they can, this was a request simply not one person could disagree with. As soon as he played If You Ever Wanna Be In Love, this was an acoustic version; you could hear the crowd sing along with his warm-soft voice vibrating the room.

Bay then slowly moved on to Wild Love, Peer Pressure and Us. James outdoes his album production and actually did an even more amazing job performing it live, I wasn’t such a big fan of Electric Lights until I decided to see him perform the songs live, I always knew and know that his voice is a lot more powerful on stage, I saw him perform a few years ago and I wasn’t left disappointed.

Bay then went on to do another acoustic performance this time from his new EP My Messy Mind to which he got a loud applause. We then go to one of my favourite songs Let it Go, James introduced Lewis Capaldi on stage with him just as he sings a couple of words. I honestly don’t think anyone saw that coming- not even me. Capaldi was singing to Let It Go, the screams were so loud you were unable to hear Lewis sing until he belted the chorus to Bay’s song. Halfway into the song, they mixed up Lewis’ biggest hit Someone You Loved, they beautifully complemented each other’s voices. That was probably one of the highlights, seeing two great musicians supporting each other the way they did.

After the surprise appearance from Lewis, we were greeted back to his band; Bay then played a couple of songs We Were On Fire, Get Out While You Still Can and then Best Fake Smile to end his set. He then came back on for the encore where he played 4 more songs, Bad, a cover of Piece Of My Heart and last but not least his award-winning Hold Back The River.

The show lighting was amazing each performance felt like it was mood lit, it made taking photos and videos a whole lot nicer- it wasn’t just one spotlight which is nice for a change. The one-off gig was definitely worth attending, as previously mentioned Bay’s ambition and passion shows through his performances, this guy from a small town called Hitchin who had made it over these years has clearly succeeded the crowds hearts, I mean just look at his guitar solo faces- his talent doesn’t need explaining, his actions and words show it.



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