Bianca Saunders | SS20

by Shanna Bent


Fashion June 8, 2019

Being also of British-West Indian descent, I was excited to witness Bianca Saunders’ signature theme of the sexualised identity of the black male. A quote which stood out for me from the presentation by her interviewee and friend, Eldon Somers is  “I don’t see myself as challenging anything”.

Eldon intrinsically also created the background music for the Bianca Saunders presentation of one-off compositions and field recordings with further influences from West Africa, Jamaica, Harlem and London- all used to echo the frequencies of what he describes that you would expect from the modern male bedroom.

Designed by George Lewin, yellow silk was draped over a tall wooden frame, creating the background for the presentation which really helped to enhance the coffee hues. Bianca Saunders’ familiar ‘crumpling’ effect makes another appearance in ‘Character’ whilst paired with denim, leather staples and knitted undergarments, creating a very relaxed appearance contrasted with oversized yet sleek tailoring.

The collection highlights many references to the Caribbean male with a very relaxed aesthetic and details I recognise from my family photo albums of bell bottom trousers, oversized denim jackets and leather accessories- many references from the 80’s.

It’s extremely uplifting seeing the black Caribbean male being represented in a positive light by a designer who is also of Caribbean decent, outputting authenticity at its highest level.



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