Münn | SS20

by Shanna Bent


Fashion June 8, 2019

Conventional masculine workwear was transformed into extremely chic runway pieces at the Münn SS20 catwalk show. Though clean and minimalistic, the exquisite craftsmanship shone through fine detailing and enthused with traditional tailoring. Every ensemble elegantly flowed with each strut and feminised through fine jewellery and unexpected asymmetrically placed frilling. Non-binary looks have been heavily injected into LFW Mens SS20 and Münn have successfully kept this popular trend fresh and innovative.

I was given the chance to view the SS20 Münn collection up close and personal. Each item had been carefully crafted with fine fabrics and kissed with defined trimmings.  Tailored items are cleverly reversed with seams beautifully exposed and contrasting panels made from silk lining. Opulence shines through the evenly hand stitched lapels and the tone-on-tone gros grain ribbon used as fusing for button stands. 

Traditional tailoring is contrasted with deep functional pockets, exposed metal zips, bringing in a more casual and youthful feel enhanced through oversized fits. Zesty shades pop through the dominantly monochrome colour palette, strengthening the manual workwear touch.

An organza hooded jacket is puffed out with faux flower heads- creating a femine take on the usually masculine puffa and further sexualized from being paired with see-through organza military trousers. Another stand out look for me was a grey-blue oversized jacket with a discreet jet pocket decored with flambouyant frilling. The suit is completed with a pair of light, oversized trousers with drawstrings above the ankle, creating an extremely smart yet relaxed ensemble.

Münn finished his catwalk with all the models wearing branded garment bags over their clothing, transformed into wearable tunics – contributing to the ongoing discussion on sustainable fashion.


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