Michiko Koshino | SS20

by Shanna Bent


Fashion June 9, 2019

Michiko Koshino maintains her title of Queen of Presentations this season as she surprises the fashion crowd this season with an intimate art display spanning over two rooms at Shoreditch Studio. As the seasons go on, more and more brands are actively doing their part to help with climate change whether intentional or as a result of demand. The official show invite is always the first clue of the collection inspiration and after receiving an A5 sheets of reusable 20p stamps – there was no doubt that the SS20 collection was going to be extremely considered and ethically focussed. As stated by the Michiko Koshino team, there is a thin line between inspiration and imitation, especially now in an era where content is being developed and discarded quicker than ever and in response, have challenged the fashion week presentation experience.

Guests are welcomed through black velvet curtains into a small-mirrored room with 5 extremely realistic looking mannequins, sculpted by Baris Kareli of varying heights, posture and outfits but with identical faces of Michiko herself. Each mannequin is dressed in casual, androgynous shapes and earthy tones- elevating the epitome of comfort and practicality. Non-binary traits are consistent within Michiko Koshino’s collections though, this season the designer has taken a step back from her usual loud colour palettes and excessive use of fabrics to focus on a more practical and timeless capsule. Her creative mind is however spilled into the second room with a video illusion of extraordinary shapes and sounds, projected onto a huge wall.

When attempting to do better, some things will have to change as bravely executed by Michiko whilst still ensuring her pieces are still in sync with the brand’s values.



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