by Adam Chi Lung Chan


Fashion June 10, 2019

At the beginning of another decade in fashion, how do we make fashion “fresh” and “relevant”? Iceberg’s designer James has shown you how to do it. 
Pop art, hyper/neon colours and monochrome, denim and logo prints in punk hook-up with smart-casual and sport-casual style. Iceberg Spring/Summer 2020 is a collection with plentiful ideas in the mix.

The collection begins with an Americana inspired knitted jumper, with the word “Amerika” across left wrist to the bottom of the jumper and right wrist, styled with denim jeans in a all over pop art prints in geometrical shapes, American flag and pinup Poster inspiration – a 1960s vibe with modern styling. 
The eye catching pop art print was created by artist Peter Blake whose pop-art prints (artwork AMERIKA and BEBE RAINBOW) heavily featured in the collection: in denims, knits, shirt and jackets.

While we can see lots of colourful pop art print on the outfits, single neon coloured outfits and sportswear (especially tracksuits) are also featured, loose fit, tailored suit jacket styled with 90s sportswear inspired trousers, the mixture of style is uniquely fresh and easy to follow by fashion lovers.

Whilst we can see innovative design and style in the collection some of the outfit’s silhouettes and styling has remained simple and ready to wear: denim jacket styled with sports bra; T-shirt styled with essential jeans or trousers, even though the shapes and stylings are simple, bold, large or repeated logo prints are printed on these garments, making simple things outstanding. 
In short, the collection has great use of colour, the collaboration with pop art master Peter Blake has highlighted the garments, elevating them to another level and the mixture between smart-wear and casual-wear has created a fresh and fun style throughout. 


Adam, Chi Lung Chan | Writer | @adamfromfashion

Kiera Simpson| Photographer| @kieracreative



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