by Daisy Sells


Fashion June 10, 2019

It’s always a joy when you get to celebrate a local boy done good… today, said boy is Lewisham bred Joel Boyd, JOBO, if you want to look at all like you have at least a finger on the pulse of the current fashion story.

This show season, however, has left a few homegrown gems woefully absent. Luckily, I obviously blink out of step with most people, so, I didn’t miss the stealth arrival of JOBO’s SS20 collection.


JOBO no longer represents a singular being, far from it. The former nickname now serves as the moniker for London born menswear designer, trendsetter and creator, Joel Boyd, and his conceptual idea inspired by his roots in south London and the strong visual culture of his surroundings that laid the designer’s aesthetic foundations.

The principles woven into the designers previous, AW19 collection, “The Eternal Neon Phantoms,”

Remain and JOBO continues to take us on a journey, pushing us to explore an eclectic diaspora through an array of techniques and mediums. Prominent too is the allegiance to brotherhood, youth culture, music and strong graphic detailing.

Long may he continue to push us forward to explore and elevate everyday shapes and silhouettes for the modern wardrobe.

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