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Music June 10, 2019

I recently had the great opportunity to interview Anjelo Disons: The lead singer of the band The Oracle. The Oracle are a fresh jazz band taking the London music scene by storm with their unique blend of jazz, funk and soul, reflecting London’s diverse environment. I spent some time asking Anjelo some questions about the background of the band and how he sees the bands place in the music realm.

Can you tell me a little about yourself and the band?

The Oracle Band is a family of insane musicians that I am blessed to have met, mainly around the time I attended BRIT School for College. Individually we all have a relationship and see each other often.

Who’s in the band and how did you all meet?

We all met in different places and all had mutual circles before we all played together which was great. The Oracle formed while I was at BRIT however where I spent a majority of time with most of the musicians.

The Oracle consists of nine musicians at the moment. Dan Rogerson on guitar, Lorenz Okelllo on keys , Finn Zeferino on bass, both Joseph Solomon and Wilf Marples on Drums, Kaidi Akinnibi & Deji Ijishakin on Sax with Ava Joseph singing Backing Vocals alongside Rasida Gerald.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Itd be hard to pin to one person but The Oracle is definitely one of my biggest inspirations and forever push me to be better, the sheer amount of talent in the band is mind boggling. Artists inspire me everyday, however Id have to mention Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, Otis Redding as major influences on me as a person.

Where do see the band going?

Further pushing ourselves to be the best musicians we can by setting the bar for live music around the world.

I would say I can definitely see us growing in members as we adopt more musicians to the family with bigger shows. I would love a choir ! Whats great is that all the musicians in the band are amazing in their own right and I feel beyond playing with me will go on to help shape the music scene.

Why do you like to sing about love so much?

It is a universal language and concept that everyone experiences in their life time. I feel its very important as I believe it all starts from within and if I can help someone who listens to my music discern their meaning of love – that is love.

How important is live music?

More important than I can stress. Not only is it the backbone of the music industry, its an experience that cant be emulated. An artist can truly connect with their fans and a lot of people fall in love with music for the first time. The live music circuit still has a lot of cultural importance across the UK.

How would you describe the sound of the band?

Rare. Definitely a London sound and interpretation of not just our environment but us pushing to be the best musicians possible.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

Being able to figure out who I am through an artistic form of expression; meeting new people along the way and most importantly making people happy. When I see the audience connect to a song, its such a beautiful thing to experience.

When can we expect new music from you?

Working on new music 24/7, always cant wait to release new stuff. Looking to drop some more music by the end of this year.

What plans do you have for this summer?

Travelling definitely, would love to see more of the world. Have fun and finish music for the next project for sure. Summer is always a fun time full of experiences to write about.

Outside music what do you and the band do?

Live Life!! We chill have fun, go out. Those guys are my best friends, I see them as family.

 Jack Kenyon | WRITER

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