by Daisy Sells


Fashion June 11, 2019

Once upon a time there were masked balls and ballsy creations by an, I guess, well known street artist named Banksy.

There was intrigue and daring ‘who knows?’ attitude thriving as a counter culture, just out of sight.

I must admit to missing those days and being entirely unsure of who, what, where or how a glimpse of a once prohibition inspired curiosity may come back my way.

Unexpectedly, I happened upon an artistic eccentric in the form of IGGY. The man himself openly states; “I don’t feel comfortable telling you who I am so I’ll let these snapshots from the internet do it…” Could this be the white whale of the fashion world?


IGGY is an idea by artist Jack Greer. His 2016 opening act of the LFW stage featured illustrations that boasted a ty-based identity of the brand is for individuals to gather and express their support for each other, subculture, marginalised groups in society through graphic illustrations on T Shirts and a growing array of cut and sew garments. Disdain for unchecked authority and the Police State is a common theme as well as the unification of people in a fragmented society. Sure, the boy has a strong, admirable and slightly unrealistic belief that power, courage and hope for change is around every corner, but, fuck, I can’t help finding his influence stirring some kind of revolutionary mischief inside me.


One of the most extraordinary unions to emerge from SS20 is that of “The Designer Occasionally named as IGGY” the alter ego of artist, Jack Greer, has embraced the good, bad and ugly and channelled his often tongue in cheek attitude towards brands, authority, politics, and people into a project and philosophy that has all the makings of a legacy… watch this space.





Daisy Sells | WRITER

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