Martine Rose | SS20

by Daisy Sells


Fashion June 11, 2019

God knows, I love a rebel with a cause. For that reason, I am a newly obsessed fan of London-based designer, Martine Rose.

I am not alone in my fandom, Virgil Abloh and Rihanna have both been talking about the somewhat provocative rising star after admiring Rose’s collections. The collection draws its concept from Martine’s own teenage years growing up and being surrounded by a melting pot of subcultures in south London, including the rave and reggae scenes of the 1990s.

Rose is a cult favourite on the menswear scene as she is known for her unconventional approach to presenting collections, in previous season she has shown in venues around north London such as rock climbing centres and markets, and she even closed off a north London cul-de-sac to host a catwalk show slash street party. The runway was the essence of multiculturalism with skinheads, Rastas, new romantics, football hooligans and ravers wearing skinny metallic logo belts with “MARTINE” and “SEX”. Jerseys made with Nike were paired with velvet and satin Chinoiserie trousers. It was an eclectic mashup, day and night; work and leisure; childhood and adolescence.







Daisy Sells | WRITER

Yannis Viamos | PHOTOGRAPHER

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