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Music June 13, 2019

Lets kick this off with some background of my relationship LSTD, I haven’t missed one year since it started in 2012 so you could put my status as a “Seasoned LSTD goer”.  I love how it has grown from a party in a park to a full blown festival, it can now hold its head high and fight it out with the big boys of the festival world. The hard work put in by team love has paid off in so many ways, its amazing how LSTD can pull in loyal visitors nationwide to a festival without camping.  

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So let’s get the logistics out of the way, access to the festival is second to none, a few hundred meters from the M25 , road closures are kept to a minimum, with great public transport links by rail or bus.  You can literally get dropped outside the entrance gate!


Eastville park was the perfect location, the space has been utilized so well, the main stage has major competition from an array of other stages and areas. The lost gardens stage being one of the smallest, at some points pulled some of the biggest crowds, part of this was due to it being so aesthetically inviting, every area took you into its very own mini festival dimension.  There really was something for everyone.


Bristol has become a pioneering city with a colorful food culture and LSTD encompassed this to an absolute tee. There was wide selection of artisan food vendors offering a variety of local and international menus, which highlights how far the festival has come since 2012 improving the experience year on year.

© Sarah Koury / KoLAB Studios

The stages, bars and different areas were strategically placed throughout the festival, which gave you quick access for a cheeky refill regardless of which stage you were at. There was a wide selection of drinks to choose from and all reasonably priced.


Each stage had its own theme, ranging from a zany version of Shangri La to a Future City, meaning each stage had its own style of music and unique atmosphere for revelers to immerse themselves in.


My favourite stage by far was The Lost Gardens. The small stage was nestled in its own secluded area, large enough for only a few hundred people. The mixture of the small confined space, proximity to the DJ stage, Dancers and Lighting meant that Artwork’s set was a real highlight of the night.

© ShotAway/ Chris Cooper

Lily Allen’s headline set on the main stage ended the night on a high and she did not disappoint! With the biggest crowd of the night singing along to every lyric, she ran through all of her best-known tracks such as “Smile” and “F*ck You” as well as her newest single “Trigger Bang”


Overall LSTD Day 2019 was the best yet, with magical settings for each stage, top spec sound systems, love vibes all round. I’ll be ready and waiting for next year in anticipation for another unforgettable team love experience.

Jessica Swanson | WRITER

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