Lukey Storey ‘Made For Love’ | Video Premiere

by Karolina Kramplova


Music June 13, 2019

North West London artist Lukey Storey premieres the visuals for ‘Made For Love’ featuring East London singer STAC. This tropical ode to romantic fixation runs over a contemporary reggae beat with smooth alternative rap.

Lukey is bold enough to use his own issues with mental health, addiction, and ADHD to inspire playful and thought-provoking singles. Such as previous releases ‘What It’s Like’ and ‘Fuck Everyone’ and other tracks from his debut EP ‘I’m As Shocked As You Are.’

The ‘Made For Love’ video starts off simple, stripped off in black and white with only Lukey, STAC, and red heart balloons on set. A clever lyrical transition turns the video to color.

“They say love is blind,
but before I met you.
all my vision was in black and white,
and now it’s all in HD color
I see so clearly
I don’t wanna see no other
I wanna to be your friend,
but I wanna be your lover”

Lukey elaborates on ‘Made For Love’: “it’s a song from 2 perspectives. For me, it’s a conflicted love song about taking a relationship for granted, denying to myself how I have felt and then honouring its meaning. It’s about dealing with obsession”.



Karolina Kramplova | WRITER

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