Fashion and The Man

by Noctis Online


Fashion June 15, 2019

Creative duo Pip & Lib aka Phlegm Collective spoke to the men of fashion week, about the mainstream and

Fashion week is freeing. Ask any street-styler, they will tell you that it’s a place where you can wear
whatever you want, however you want. Never judged or dictated to. Free from the shackles of fitting in.

Everyday should be as open as fashion week – but for most of us, it isn’t.

The feeling of freedom is born from a place of repression. And when you compare the fashion industry to
the everyday, it’s very apparent that when it comes to gender the two worlds are not in balance. With
each and every season more and more designers are deconstructing what it is to be a “human”, presenting us with a scale of gender.

Rather than the standard two boxes.
Men and Women.

The high street equivalent, comes in the form of adding another box, and calling it “ungendered”.
Which for majority of cases ends up becoming a basics range of black and white boxy fit t-shirts –

At London Fashion Week Men’s we had a question for the men. Whilst the fashion industry is leaps and
bounds ahead of everyday society- especially when it comes to the perception of masculinity.
What is the everyday life like for a man into fashion?

Interview & Images by Pip & Lib

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