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Music June 15, 2019

Guccihighwaters moved over to New York from Ireland to pursue music at 18. He was born into music but being a kid and not being as invested he moved back and forth from music until the age of 18, that’s when he knew he wanted to do this and take it more seriously and made that massive move to the states to pursue his dreams. I catch up with the man himself in a small cafe in Soho before his sold out show in Borderline, I dive right into his music making and he talks a little more about his new EP in more detail.


What got you started in music?

I was born to music as a kid, I was always listening to the radio and stuff and I picked up the guitar when I was younger probably at like 12 or 13 years old, I did it for about a year and kind of lost interest. I then started playing video games for a while so I wasn’t making music as a young kid but when I was 18 years old,  I moved to New York and I just downloaded FL Studio again because I was familiar with it, my older cousin had it.  I’ve just always had a love for music.

Who did you look up to musically while growing up?

Growing up I was a big hip-hop kid, pretty all rap and hip-hop. I was into The Game for a while; I was into like old school rap- like Biggie, Tupac and stuff- went through that phase. As I started getting older like around 15- 16 years old, I started listening to newer stuff like ASAP Rocky and Earl Sweatshirt and then I just went into the underground listening to Bones, Yung Lean, Spooky Black and all that stuff. It’s been like that ever since but nowadays I pretty much listen to anything from pop to rock. Anything that inspires me pretty much.

What’s your new EP, “Post Death (Outtakes)” about?

I had a correction of music that came out probably two years ago when I first started to making stuff for “Post Death”, it’s just all my first singles just compiled into one collection. I had a few songs that I never put on it, I just recently came across them again so I decided to put them out as Post Death (outtakes).  So what that is basically the songs that never made it out on my previous EP “Post Death” two years ago, I just slowed them down a little bit. I’m just putting the songs out now.

What will your new music video for “Amnesia” be surrounded by?

I played Amnesia a couple of times live, the video is a cool concept- the song is about wanting to have amnesia to forget about someone and the whole video is just based around that.

What’s your songwriting process like?

My songwriting process is usually, so I produce all my own stuff but nowadays I’ve been working with JV, it’s basically the same thing- we kind of come up with a melody, maybe on a guitar or a piano or a chord compression and then think of melodies to that and if we think we have something good we put drums on it and then record my words over it pretty much.

What do you prefer to do, play on stage or recording in the studio?

I think I prefer playing on stage, it’s just a whole different thing, it gives me so much adrenaline, I love it- nothing really compares with that.

You only started everything, like your career in the music industry a year ago- how has all of this been for – what went through your head when your stuff got so many hits all of sudden?

It’s been crazy, it didn’t really hit me until I went overseas to do shows and there were hundreds of kids there, you know singing the stuff. It still feels pretty surreal, it feels awesome though and I’m grateful for the love.

Can you tell us about anything else coming up in the future? Like tours or more singles or any upcoming music?

At the moment I’m just working on videos, I have a tour coming up- it’s not announced yet and just more music making, yeah that’s it really.






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