Wild Adoration ‘EP2’ | AUDIO PREMIERE

by Karolina Kramplova


Music June 17, 2019

“My voice’s echo in the darkness of your room” – Wild Adoration

London’s very own Wild Adoration comes with her EP2 after releasing EP1 last June. Using elements of tribal sounds mixed with ambient and soulful tones to communicate her most inner emotions and experiences, Wild Adoration’s newest project is an expressive sensory experience.


With EP1, Wild Adoration used her voice to dive into today’s struggles of society and human behavior. One year later, EP2 takes the self-love approach, which elaborates on Wild Adoration’s journey to acceptance and self-love through heartbreak, deception, sadness, faith, and strength. You can join her on this quest with four tracks: Come To Me, Silk Of Your Heart, Dissolved Girl and Feed Me.


Stream the premiere of EP2 here today


Photographer – Fabio Rovai

Fashion designer – Alice Firman

Writer – Karolina Kramplova

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