Stealth “Never Say Die” | Video Premiere

by Karolina Kramplova


Music June 24, 2019

A singer/songwriter Stealth is an insomniac from Birmingham filling dark rooms and sleepless nights with writing moody lyrics and melodies.

Taking inspiration from blues and soul looking up to artists like Howlin Wolf and Etta James, Stealth uses dark tones and emotive lyrics to write moving songs like ‘Never Say Die.’

Premiering the video for ‘Never Say Die,’ Stealth speaks about the meaning of the song: “‘Never Say Die’ is all about never giving up. And a bit of my personal journey,” he explains. “I may not be the best, but I’m going to be resilient until the end, and I’m on top. I’m gonna leave with nothing left because there’s nothing after death.”

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Karolina Kramplova | WRITER

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