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by Daisy Sells


Music July 16, 2019

My latest musical obsession, for today at least, is a fresh faced and exciting synth/post punk trio, made in LA. Automatic. Izzy Glaudini (synths, vocals), Lola Dompé (drums, vocals) and Halle Saxon (bass, vocals) first met while immersed in L.A.’s DIY music scene and started jamming together in 2017. Once they started playing out, they built somewhat of a rebellious, explosive, creative bandwagon and, like a flash, people were jumping on. Over the past year they have become a mainstay on the L.A. club circuit, gigging alongside bands like Poptone, Surfbort and Flat Worms and now, they are taking it on the road.

Calling It’ is their first single on Stones Throw. “Its lyrics capture the sensation of being adrift in a wide-open space, and the desire to rip it all up and start over.” says Izzy Glaudini on the track.

The video for “Calling It,” directed by Ross Harris, is a post-apocalyptic, modern-day take on the Greek myth of Pygmalion, the sculptor who fell in love with his own creations come to life. Shot in an aluminium factory run entirely by women and owned by drummer Lola Dompé’s grandmother since the 1970s, the video follows the trio as they realise they’re the only ones left in the foundry. As both the workers doing the hard labour and the bosses at the top, they start losing their minds and grow obsessed with making little men out of aluminium.

I am pretty sure that they might just be about to make their mark in the music world, but, hey, I really love a bandwagon. I got to chat with the girl gang about their highs, lows, lies and the plight of Giant Squids and Kodiak Grizzlys…



When and why did you start playing/performing?


Lola Dompe: Halle and I had been wanting to start a band for a bit and then we found Izzy. In LA with our friends, we’re surrounded by music all the time, so I always feel like starting a band.


Izzy Glaudini: When I was 22, after I moved to LA.


What’s it like working so closely with each other every day?


Halle Gaines: We’ve gotten pretty close. And our phones are an insanely pervasive part of our lives now because we always have to work something out relating to the band over text because outside of the time we carve out for band practice, the three of us are always busy with jobs, school, etc.


Izzy: fun and annoying.


L: I love my business partners


What band name alter egos have you tried out on your musical journey?


H: Rubber so that the instagram could read: Rubber_Band.


L: Hallo was a contender


If you had to pick one, London or New York?


H: I’ve never been to London. So… London?


L: London, you can easily travel to so many cool places!


Izzy: London. I grew up in NYC, I don’t think I’ll ever move back. I’m also obsessed with English culture!



What was the first tune you learned to play?


H: My old roommate from Psychic Paramount/ Laddio Bolocko first taught me Green Onions by Booker T and the MG’s.


L: I’ve never really learned a song on the drums… I just started playing on my sister’s songs when I was 13.


Izzy: Positively 4th street by Bob Dylan when I was 14, on acoustic guitar. Super basic, I know.




What is the most embarrassing song in your music library?


H: My own voice memos that got uploaded to my iTunes library for some reason.


L: I don’t really have a music library… but I listen to a lot on Spotify. Before I made it private, you could probably see me listening to…Taylor Swift or something.


Izzy: Probably some GarageBand demo I recorded drunk and crying.



How do you handle a fuck up on stage?


H: Don’t look at the audience, wait for Izzy or Lola to make a joke or something. Or pretend nothing happened. Those are my go-tos.


L: Sometimes I like messing up because it brings me into the moment, I feel vulnerable and like the audience can really see me. I usually just smile to myself a little and move on.


Izzy: Just gotta roll with it baby.



Who or what is your ultimate influence, musical or otherwise?


H: Martin Rev from Suicide is my main influence in all parts of my life.


L: David Bowie, New Order, my family and Albert Einstein


Izzy: Film is my first love. The ability to be someone else, anywhere else. Daydreaming/Escapism I guess.



What scares you most in the world?


H: Global warming.


L: These creepy bugs with a million legs that live in my house.


Izzy: Electricity.



Which Spice Girl would you be?


H: Izzy and Lola said I’m Sporty Spice I think? Or Baby?


L: No Halle, I’m Baby spice!


Izzy: Ginger spice!!!



Where and when would you travel back in time to perform?


H: 70’s New York. I know it’s obvious but that’s where Martin Rev was so…



If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?


L: why would I have to hide it?


Izzy: where it belongs, in the wilderness!!!


If you could choose one song that you wish that you had

written, what would it be?


H: Anytime I hear a bassline that has any kind of repetitive slide I wish I’d written it. Which is one of the reasons I got a fretless bass. Example: Colour Television by Eddy Current Suppression Ring.


L: Atmosphere by Joy Division


Izzy: Just Like Honey by JMC



What instruments do you play?


H: Bass. That’s it. I really wanted to play music and it seemed like the easiest one to learn cuz there’s only four strings.


L: Drums!


Izzy: Synth, Guitar


If you could have anyone locked in a room so that you could torment them for a day, whom would you choose and how would you torment them?


H: My first thought is really dark about the president- maybe I’ll pivot to my boyfriend Joo-Joo because he’s on tour and I miss him so it would be nice to have him locked in a room with me right about now. And I’ll torment him by making him give me a foot massage and listen to 70’s rock/punk cuz he doesn’t listen to that anymore and it would be funny.



Who wins in a fight, a grizzly bear or a giant squid?


H: The Giant squid has so much plastic in his body he’s probably not feeling too good. But the Kodiak Grizzlys are suffering too because the berries didn’t grow right last year which is what they usually eat until the salmon comes in. So they’re hungry. Anyways, neither? The world is ending.


Izzy: Depends on the turf. Home advantage.


What is your greatest vice?


L: I’ll leave this one to Izzy and Halle


Izzy: hmmmmmmm… I’ll keep that one to myself.


If music is the answer, what is the question?


H: What is the only prospect of a future outside of working in a restaurant that you have, Halle?


Izzy: Am I the only one like this?



Tell me two truths and a lie…


H: The name automatic came from the Go- Go’s song Automatic.


L: One of us was electrocuted and


All: We love interviews


I’m going to try and not take that one personally!!






See Automatic live on their 2019 European/UK tour

“Signal” will be released on September 27th via Stones Throw Records


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