Noctis does Camp Bestival

by Leoni Blue


Art & CultureMusic August 1, 2019

Rob da Bank and his team bring another year of Camp Bestival to Lulworth Castle.

Camp Bestival has been bringing family fun to the Dorset countryside for a number of years, so many in fact that it’s fair to say that there are some festival veterans out there, of which I’m one. Having started my journeys here 9 years ago at the birth of the festival.

The festival itself is a huge fun with acts ranging for all ages.

Family festivals aren’t the easiest thing to find and always carry the worry for a lot of us of becoming a packed out soft play at 10am with a hangover, having slept in a tent for 2 days.

Camp Bestival creates a great balance and everyone really does feel welcome, from parents of all ages carrying, or pushing little ones to festival goers looking to catch one of the great lineup.

As a parent i can assure you, you feel like finally your not going to annoy people, as your kids are throwing a tantrum. This is due to camp bestival having an ethos a community. There is a lifeblood running through the festival. It seems that everything is one and its all about the future.

Our Future.

There really is no worry for this as there was none of that, the pair of two year olds that I had were less being dragged around as dragging us in multiple directions, having the best time and fully absorbing the full experience of the weekend.

Camp Bestival feels like over grown cult of madness and fun. Everybody is in it together, partying, playing, discovering a new life in Technicolor.

Its a perfect way to introduce your children to partying in a conscious, friendly and open environment.

We took a pair of 2 year old twins and they loved it, as much as we did.

It really is a festival that caters for all, Lewis Capaldi was a huge highlight for us as a family, and Clean Bandit keep really kept up the tempo, Soul II Soul, gave us some smooth and mellow moments.

There were some great performances, The wailers had a huge sound taking me back to hearing the records for the first time and my partner got to take the twins to see napalm death whih I’m sure was a huge highlight for him.

A great way to kick off the Friday night, the night we arrived.

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Camp Bestival is known for its eccentric costumes and this year didn’t fail. People wore a colourful array of beautiful rainbows on mass, flowing through the fields and bringing the festival to life.

Colour rules at this event. whole gangs of friends and families all go for it with the fancy dress, dressing as packs of animals roaming the dorset countryside following the theme of WILD. There was an electricity running throughout the campsites and the festival itself. A beautiful awareness and conscientious togetherness.

Ive also never met such friendly brunch of party goers, no negativity here, just postive vibes, and people spreading the love. Its the kind of festival that you can bump into like minded people, and not have people judge you for having kids ruining the show. With a huge emphasis on looking after one another and the world around us.

The campsite was great for a festival of this size with lots of space and room to breathe, There was a great selection of food wit well known vendors from the festival circuit with a huge selection of great veggie snacks and meals, the selection was so good that it could accomodate and feed all four of us separately for the weekend without having the same meals, as us 4 all eating different.

This is definitely a place that has won my heart, on the south coast of England in Dorset, Lulworth castle is one very special place indeed. Entertainment wise Mr Motivator , yes the 90s classic in the flesh, a throwback for us but a breath of fresh energy for the kids wa , so much energy and fun. The kids shows were my nightmare, however the little people loved them. Pj Masks, Mr Tumble, Cbeebs were rocking the crowd. These were also good entertainment and drew a huge crowd. poor me, lucky kids. But really they were cool. and a great booking to entertain the little ones.

For anyone in two minds about whether or not to take your children to a festival next year or even to head to camp bestival yourself. I can categorically say yes. It’s an amazing weekend that I would suggest to anyone and yeah get your kids started early…

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