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Music August 16, 2019

With a voice like velvet, Nigerian singer, rapper and beatsmith AYLØ is championing the alté movement and steadily making a name for himself as one keep on your radar.

Following his critically acclaimed 2017 album ‘Insert Project Name’ with an impressive 1 million streams on Spotify, the newly released mixtape DNT’ DLT showcases AYLØ’s seamless songwriting talent and ability to effortlessly portray his most intimate thoughts.

We spoke to AYLØ to find out about his songwriting process, dream collaborations and advice that’s stuck with him throughout his career.



Can you describe your sound in 3 words?

Nothing is new. Lol.

What sorts of artists did you grow up listening to around the house? Do you think they’ve influenced your music?

It was kind of a hybrid of everything – I remember a lot of gospel, a lot of  jazz, some bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Kool and the gang. Everything plays a role in the formation of a big picture… I couldn’t tell you what particular influences that each artist had, I know they did all leave a lasting impression.

Tell us about your songwriting process, what was it like to write DNT’ DLT?

Lots of isolation and solitude for me… Every song writing process starts by meditation and finding that message within then… A connection with what it is I’m trying to convey.. Whatever happens after that is free form.

DNT’ DLT is a very personal journey, but It was necessary. Everything is something that I’ve lived or been through so it can be nostalgic, or offer a different perspective on a situation that you thought you knew.


A lot of your music is centered around intimate relationships, love and women – are you inspired by real life events?

Yes they are. There’s energy in everything

Outside of music, what inspires you creatively? 

Documentaries. Documentaries on Cosmic Energy

Who would your dream collaboration involve?

J.Cole or Burna

When you’re not creating music, what’s a typical day look like for AYLØ?

Pretty boring – Gardening and documentaries lol.. If you know you know

Who have you been listening to this summer?

Whilst I’m creating I kind of refrain from listening to anyone, try to focus on the sound I’m trying to create without outside influences. So myself I guess

What’s been the best piece of advice that’s helped you with your career so far?

Listen to yourself.




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