by Karolina Kramplova


Music August 16, 2019

“Art is a representation of the Time and Place in which it was made. This video and these aesthetics are my Art; they reflect my Time and Place” – Keeya.

A Bahamian-born female force Keeya releases her single ‘Bruk Out’ that symbolizes the first time that everything connected and feels 100% herself. She explains: “Bruk Out is my first foray as my fullest self. Bruk Out is me owning my right to like what I like and put my unique flair on it. I have a point of view and contributions to make to this world.
Get into it”.

For a confident, assertive, gives-no-fucks track like ‘Bruk Out,’ it was important to deliver visuals of the same caliber. Keeya nailed it. Due to her passion for fine art, ‘Bruk Out’ received treatment of high quality with matching attitude and nod to the 90’s era.

Keeya gives us an insight into the making of the music video: “Working closely with my partner to create the visuals, we designed and constructed the costumes, which were inspired by dancehall 90s fashion. The gold chain, the mesh, long nails – materials that are often held in the popular imagination as vulgar or unrefined”.

At the moment, Keeya is working on her debut studio album. Her music is here to encourage you to be your most authentic self and break out of the societal mould.


Karolina Kramplova |WRITER

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