5 Acts Not To Miss at Lost Village 2019

by Jake Wright


Music August 20, 2019

Originating as an underground boutique festival based in an abandoned woodland, Lost Village has fast  become a highlight of the British festival season. This week it returns to Lincolnshire for its fifth edition. The festival offers a unique experience thanks to its merging of music, theatre and an interactive storyline that festival goers can follow as deeply as they so choose. Last years edition showcased its key focus on the smaller details, ranging from the amazing sound quality through to disco balls in trees and even a library in the middle of the forest. It’s an environment that simply can’t be replicated, that’s the beauty of it.

This year’s line-up sees the festival boast some of the biggest names in the dance industry, with Peggy Gou, Jon Hopkins and Tiga all booked. Personally, I also feel the artists booked this year are less commercial, several acts I would class as being particularly left field, excelling in the weird and wonderful side of music. In the unique settings of Lost Village these acts will excel, it feels like a perfect pairing.

This year also sees the line-up consisting of a 50% female/male ratio, a huge statement considering the often lack of representation of female DJs. It also proves to organisers across the world that you can be inclusive and still deliver a world class line up, they should take note. Before we step into the enchanting woods and no doubt get lost a few times, here’s five acts you won’t want to miss at this years Lost Village festival.


Shanti Celeste



Shanti Celeste’s career is quickly growing, now the owner of her own record label ‘Peach Discs’ she has been lighting up dance floors across the world, gracing the dancefloors of Glastonbury and Berghain in the last few months. One of the most talented DJ’s around, expect complex mixes and an unpredictable song selection.


Red Axes



The Israeli duo Red Axes will be making their Lost Village debut at this year’s event. Personally, I think they fit the aesthetic of the festival perfectly. A thoroughly left field act that excel in the weird and wonderful meets a festival that does the same. Their DJ sets draw on the exotic sounds of the middle east and the far east. Most of the songs you will have never heard before and that’s the exciting thing about Red Axes, you never quite know what to expect.


Gerd Janson



Not only is Gerd Janson one of the nicest people in the dance music industry, he’s also one of the most talented. He runs the label ‘Running Back’ where this year alone they have released 16 records, this position has undoubtedly helped his ear for finding the right song as his DJ sets are often as close to perfection as possible. He is also an acclaimed producer, renowned for his remixing ability, reworking the likes of Tiga, Julie McDermott and Krystal Klear. Every time Gerd Delivers some of the best vibes, trust me you don’t want to miss this.


Axel Boman



Axel Boman returns to the forest to play as part of ‘Studio Barnhus’, a three way back to back with Kornel Kovacs and Petter Nordkvist which spans across 4 hours on the Sunday evening. Boman is known for his wide range of talents, a formidable producer and a DJ that loves to be weird and different. This set much like Red Axes will be full of surprises however if there was an environment for it, this is the one.


Yves Tumor


Photo: Vitali Gelwich


Yves Tumor takes to the main stage on Saturday evening. Known for delivering live artistic performances, I personally think he’s someone you can’t afford to miss due to his unpredictability. A back catalogue that spans such a diverse range of genres, who knows what he will play, what he will wear. For me Tumor is one of the most exciting acts at Lost Village this year due to this surprise factor. Only time will tell if I will be right, but either way, who doesn’t love a surprise.


Lost Village takes place 22nd – 25th August 2019


Jake Wright | WRITER

Cover image shot by Steve Turvey

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