by Daisy Sells


Fashion September 16, 2019

Ashish’s latest collection quite literally had sparkles and glitter with some spiritualism on top.

The Day 4 SS20 runway show sent us through the looking glass and into a world where all that glitters, was truly gold. This collection filled the room with sequins, bright colours, clashing patterns and small reflective circular mirrors, decorating the long draping pieces worn by the models. Gupta’s design gave off a very ’60s flower-power vibe, but with a religious edge; as model Neelam Gill walked the runway holding a branch of palo santo aloft (a type of wood used in South America for ceremonial and healing purposes). There is a new trend in town, say goodbye to the light fantastic and usher in a more soulful, socially minded, sustainable and spiritual era now.

Song to listen to while reading this: Glitter and Gold, Barns Courtney

Daisy Sells | WRITER


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