by Lucie Dhog


Fashion September 16, 2019

The weird and wonderful world of Dom Sebastian made its London Fashion Week debut this season at the BFC DiscoveryLAB. In keeping with his distinctive aesthetic and background in textile print design, he used silicone textures and twisted thermoplastics as the basis for digitised prints on fabrics, creating futuristic designs in his alternative universe.

Sebastian is driven by the unexpected, using a fluid interdisciplinary approach to art, design, photography, and fashion in a way that intends to both confuse and excite the viewer.

In a surreal and beautiful presentation, we saw bodycon elements in his signature tactile prints alongside adaptive reversible vests reminiscent of body armour. We saw muted dusky pinks and lilacs, rich blood reds and contrasting sky blues. Looks were layered; a corset worn unlaced over a top sculpted to fit like a second skin, or print upon print upon print in tactile shirts, trousers, and skirts.

SS20 incorporated liquids, objects, and symbols transformed into semi-abstract dynamic surface designs, to represent the everyday overload of information in the age of social media. Sebastian’s take on the conceptual theme of identity was shown through recurring images of oversized clay vessels, with the interaction of the model with these inanimate objects a representation of the body’s indeterminate relationship with our own identity.

Dom Sebastian’s fascination with modifying and enhancing the body creates superheroes in a human shell; one which can transform just like the chemical and physical alterations to the materials he works with. For this designer, there is a world of endless possibilities out there.


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