OFS I | SS20

by Melissa Santos


Fashion September 16, 2019

The Oxford Fashion Studio are who are putting independent designers on the map. With a fundamental belief in originality, this team of fashion industry experts are committed to raw talent. Their first SS20 show at London Fashion Week was nothing short of that. 

An international celebration, OFS 1 SS20 showcased designers from all over the globe. Kiwi designer Pera May kicked off the runway at the stunning Royal Opera House Sunday afternoon with a short but snappy collection. The collection brought together rich blues and fresh greens with a pinch of hot pink. With exaggerated sleeves, a clear love for ruching, this was a collective hard to miss. Pera May works towards creating more inclusivity and responsibility in the fashion industry. Typography on the garments read ‘nothing to see here’, reiterates Pera May’s ethos that there is in fact something to see here. So let’s embrace ourselves more and broaden our horizons.

Secondly, USA’s lexlo next took the runway with her collection ‘let’s play’ that is inspired by helping others. The details in this collection are designed to help with adult anxiety through repeated woolen nuggets. lexlo’s garments are “both confidence boosting and environmentally friendly”, with earthy, natural tones of the collection emphasising this notion of tranquility that is needed during those stressful times, reinforcing the collection’s purpose. In summary, it’s clear this is a collection you can have fun in and be free with. 

Up next, Australia’s Nicole Jedelsky’s collection ‘Riviera’ reminded you of just that. The designs of this collection is simply shouted out spring/summer, as the movement of each garment was mimicked the gentle waves of the ocean. This is exactly what you wear when you drink rosé at dusk in St Tropez. On the other hand, RAW Jeans from Lebanon gave all the biker girl gang vibes you needed. The first complete collection by Rawya Othman had classic denim pieces put together in their own unique way with white brush stroke details which turned the models, into angels. The most ready-to-wear collection of the show, RAW Jeans aims to be personal to every customer’s wants and needs.

The audience was taken back in time, but not too far with MARIA BA’S Great Gatsby inspired collection but with a twist that made it accessible for 2019. The Argentinian designer saw the best way to approach SS20 is to pay homage to the feminine styles of roaring twenties. The era’s lowing fabrics with straight lines were reimagined in a pastel dream with flared details making the collection fun and flirty which proves how MARIA BA continues to bring an “unpredictable, unconventional edge to the world of contemporary luxury” according to OFS themselves.

Point Zero One

Pavlina Jauss showed how to do SS20 the German way with her collection ‘Stones’. The collection inspired by the different forms and textures of stones in Pavlina’s avantgardistic way. Extended layers of black and way draped the models in a way that gave a tough, boss vibe. Lastly, Point Zero One was all about risky nip slips in all kinds of asymmetrical cuts. A pretty-in-pink spin on utility, the collection embodied what it means to be bold without using harsh colours. Instead, the collection used a muted colour palette of champagne whites and powered pinks.

If there’s one thing to take away from this first show, is that OFS I showed us for SS20, be creative and take those risks. Just be original to yourself.

Melissa Santos | WRITER

Caroline Hajny | PHOTOGRAPHER

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