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Music September 17, 2019

Johannesburg born but grew up in Doncaster, Skinny Pelembe is a sparkling multi-instrumentalist who blends his production, guitar, singing and MCing to tap into a unique, influence-weaving sound. We had the chance to get to know the talented musician….

Who did you look up to musically while growing up?

RZA and Johnny Cash. Both seemed like pretty righteous if not slightly weird dudes.

Do you prefer playing on stage or recording songs?
At the moment, since we’re already playing shows a lot, i’m gonna say recording. I miss being in my noisy bubble full of pedals and mics and effects units and stuff i don’t really know how to use! But once the next album’s done i’m coming back out with new setup that’s gonna be super tough. It’s gonna be soooo robust. Can’t wait to play the new shit!

What’s your song writing process like?
1- Go to a charity shop and buy 3 really cheesy looking records that I know nothing about, both have to be under a tenner.
2- Try and make some kind of weird beat
3- Go to sleep listening to it
4- Wake up and record whatever is in my head
5- Spend the next 2 years struggling to make sense this awkward weird beat, trying to turn it into a song and find some real meaning in it.
Where do you find inspiration for writing songs?
More often than not, dreams. I get 8 hours in a world where there’s no real rules and a lot of my subconscious thoughts and real world truths get to run amok. Just got to try and remember what happened! 
Who would you like to collaborate with?
Neil Young. God I wish I was at his and Bob Dylan’s hyde park gig. It physically pains me that i couldn’t go, it’s a literal pain I still feel in my left kidney. Like a broken heart, but not as deep.


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